Violation and inspection details


Inspection Date:
2/8/2019 10:45:00 AM

Type of Inpsection:

Type 1 Violations — 1 of 36

Type 2 Violations — 0 of 28

Inspection conducted in response to a consumer complaint.

Limited inspection conducted in response to consumer complaint 2019-FBI-CMP-0032. Per the executive chef some individual employees have missed occasional days of work due to colds or flu like symptoms. Employees are not required to have a doctors note to return to work unless they have a major illness or infection. Investigator observed proper glove usage and hand washing. Investigator also observed good cooling practices of soups/sauces. Report emailed to operator. **03c - Hold hot at 135 °F or greater (Regulation Section 3-605 Time as a Public Health Control) Time as a Public Health Control for hot potentially hazardous food is used incorrectly.

A large bag of garlic mashed potatoes located in the hot box on the cooks line measured between 122F-135F with investigator's calibrated thermapen. Per the cook the potatoes were prepared and placed in the hot box ~45 minutes prior to inspection. The hot box had an internal temperature of 147F with investigator's thermapen and per the temperature gauge on the outside of the box. The facility does time tag their mashed potatoes and had a disposal time of 4:30pm, which is a 6 hour disposal time. The mashed potatoes were prepared at 10:30pm per the sticker on the bag. Time as a public health control for hot potentially hazardous food shall be used correctly. Investigator discussed the facility's process for preparing mashed potatoes and suggested using warm/hot cream instead of cold to help maintain adequate temperatures throughout the process. Investigator also discussed time tagging potentially hazardous food items for a maximum of 4 hours. The potatoes were time tagged for a 4 hour disposal from 10:30am. Violation corrected.