Violation and inspection details


Inspection Date:
9/6/2018 10:00:00 AM

Type of Inpsection:

Type 1 Violations — 2 of 36

Type 2 Violations — 0 of 28


Inspection conducted with M. Staab. Facility generally has good cooling practices in place. All items in walk in coolers measured accurately. Several reduced oxygen packaging bags of fish were stored in walk in cooler and stated to have been thawing. Ensure that when reduced oxygen packaging bags of fish are being thawed, the package is cut open. Consumer advisory is adequate. Prep cooler behind grill needs to be checked to ensure it is working properly. Inspection report has been emailed to ***INSPECTION REPORT HAS BEEN UPDATED ON 9/17 AND RESENT TO OPERATOR VIA EMAIL*** **03a - Rapidly cool food to 41 °F or less (Regulation Section 3-604 Cooling Methods) Effective rapid cooling methods not used.

The following items were sitting next to the grill and measured below 135F: 1-ninth pan of cooked onions (89F) and 1-ninth pan of fresh herbs, garlic and oil (66F). Per operator, both items were prepared in the past hour and a half. No time tag was observed and operator stated they were cooling and going to be placed in an ice bath later. Cooked potentially hazardous food shall be rapidly cooled from 135F to 70F within 2 hours and from 70F to 41F within the remaining 4 hours, for a total of 6 hours. Products made from ambient air temperature shall be rapidly cooled 41F within 4 hours. Food shall either be cooled using a rapid cooling method or time controlled. Operator relocated both pans to ice baths in the prep sink to rapidly cool both products. Violation corrected on site. **03e - Hold cold at 41 °F or less (Regulation Section 3-501 Temperature) Cold potentially hazardous food is not held at a temperature of 41°F or colder.

One quarter container of cooked crawfish measured at 49F. One half pan of chopped lettuce measured at 59F. 2 half pans of bacon wrapped shrimp measured at 47F. One half pan of shrimp hush puppies measured at 47F. One half pan of ground ribeye measured at 49F. 1-third pan of raw beef (46F), ~1lb of shredded cheese (44F), ~40 slice of cheese (45F), ~8 veggie patties (45F), ~1lb of ribeye (45F), ~1 quart of pico de gallo (44F), ~15 raw slider beef patties (46F), ~2 quarts of cut cabbage (45F). All items were kept in reach in cooler portion of prep cooler on cook line and all were measured with investigator's recently calibrated thermometer. All items were stated to not have been prepared within the last four hours. Cold potentially hazardous foods shall be kept at 41F or lower. Crawfish and lettuce were discarded. All other items are requested to be cooked entirely to correct violation, and written compliance is requested. Send proof that all product has been cooked to proper temperature to A re-inspection will be conducted to ensure cooler is properly working. ***UPDATE 9/17*** All items were proven to be fully cooked or discarded by end of day to correct violation.