Violation and inspection details


Inspection Date:
4/23/2018 1:45:00 PM

Type of Inpsection:

Type 1 Violations — 0 of 36

Type 2 Violations — 0 of 28

Inspection conducted in response to a consumer complaint.

Limited inspection conducted in response to consumer complaint 2018-FS-CMP-0198. Guest said that they had a chicken Alfredo dish that contained a piece of plastic on 4/12/18. Investigators checked the main cooks hot line to see how the Alfredo was being held hot. Checked the main walk in cooler to see how the Alfredo sauce was being held cold. The chicken is cooked to order. No bare hand contact was observed. Employees washed hands when needed. Chef confirmed that they were aware of the complaint and addressed the guest on the date of the complaint. Chef stated he believed it was a piece of plastic from a bag of hot dog buns. The plastic piece holds the bag shut.  

Limited joint inspection conducted with J. Epley. Authored by J. Epley. Discussed consumer complaint with chef. Chef stated he was aware of the complaint.