Violation and inspection details

755 S Jason St

Inspection Date:
4/2/2018 1:20:00 PM

Type of Inpsection:

Type 1 Violations — 2 of 36

Type 2 Violations — 0 of 28


Facility is a medical and a recreational dispensary. Both licenses are up to date. Inspector discussed that if they choose to carry anymore potentially hazardous edibles that they shall obtain a probe food thermometer and ensure cooler is holding all food at 41F or below. Manager does not think they will carry any more edibles that need to be refrigerated moving forward. Inspection report emailed to 01b - Unwholesome; signs of spoilage (Regulation Section 3-1 General) Spoiled or contaminated food present in facility.

About 32 infused pumpkin pies were stored in the reach-in cooler. Expiration date for pumpkin pie read December of 2017. When inspector opened one of the pumpkin pies, the top was covered in white and green fuzzy mold. Food shall be in sound condition, free from spoilage or contamination and shall be safe for human consumption. DISPOSAL: Manager opened all pies and denatured the pies with Windex. Trash bag of denatured pies were then taken to the dumpster and locked in the dumpster. Violation corrected. **03e - Hold cold at 41 °F or less (Regulation Section 3-501 Temperature) Cold potentially hazardous food is not held at a temperature of 41°F or colder.

Facility has 32 Sweet Grass Pumpkin Pies in their recreational cooler. Ambient air thermometer measured 46F and pumpkin pies measured 52F. Per manager the pies were in the cooler for several days. The Sweet Grass company has no testing or approval from the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment that their product is shelf stable of their pumpkin pies. The pumpkin pies are deemed potentially and shall be stored at 41F or below at all times. Manager disposed of all 32 pumpkin pies following MED regulations. All other items in the dispensary are shelf stable. Violation corrected.