Food Safety Inspection Information

Here you will find inspection reports for a variety of food establishments inspected by the Public Health Investigations Division of the Department of Public Health & Environment. The information presented here is meant to assist you in your decisions when choosing where to dine in Denver and allows you to view reports dating back to June 1, 2000 when applicable.

Each report is a “snapshot” of a given day and does not necessarily reflect the overall health and cleanliness of any given establishment. Violations are often corrected onsite, and those that are considered high-risk are subject to re-inspection. Consider all information available within these reports to become an informed consumer.

Food Inspection and Enforcement Information

Information about the Inspection Process

Restaurant inspections are normally conducted, at minimum, once every 6 months to every two years, depending on the complexity and risk of the food handling operations. (For example: restaurants that handle food extensively are inspected more frequently than a convenience store that serves pre-packaged foods.)
Violations which are more likely to cause foodborne illness. Such problems can create environments that cause bacteria to grow and thrive, which puts the consumer at risk for food-borne illness.

Examples: Poor temperature control of food; hazardous cooking, cooling, refrigeration or unsafe reheating temperatures.
Violations not directly related to the cause of foodborne illness, but if uncorrected, could impede the operation of the restaurant. The likelihood of foodborne illness in these cases is very low. Type 2 violations, if left uncorrected, could lead to Type 1 violations.

Examples: A lack of facility cleanliness and maintenance or improper cleaning of equipment and utensils.
Regular or Full Inspection:
This is an unannounced full inspection of the facility.

Limited Inspection:
This is a follow-up inspection to re-inspect items that were not in compliance previously or to investigate a complaint.