Owner Schedule Number Legal Description Property Type Tax District
Owner Schedule Number Legal Description Property Type Tax District
14595 E 51ST PL
DENVER, CO 80239-4291
00184-17-010-000 GATEWAY VILLAGE FILING NO 5 B7 L10 SFR Grade C 330A

Mill Levy * *

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Installment 1
(Feb 28
Feb 29 in Leap Years)
Installment 2
(Jun 15)
Full Payment
(Due Apr 30)
Date Paid 3/28/2024 3/28/2024 3/28/2024
Original Tax Levy $1,208.17 $1,208.17 $2,416.34
Liens/Fees $212.38 $0.00 $212.38
Interest $25.49 $0.00 $25.49
Paid $1,446.04 $1,208.17 $2,654.21
Due $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

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Your schedule number is: 00184-17-010-000

Note: The amount of interest shown, if any, is good through the end of this month. This information is not to be used in place of a Certificate of Taxes Due. Please call the Treasurer's Office for these at (720) 913-9300.

Liens/Fees amount displayed are good through the last day of February. Please be advised that paying the liens/fees after February will result in additional interest accrued on the parcel. Please contact 720-913-9300 to get the payoff amount for lien/fees.

Note: If "Y" is shown below, there is a special situation pertaining to this parcel. For additional information about this, click on the name to take you to an explanation.
Additional Assessment N Prior Year Delinquency N
Additional Owner(s) N
Adjustments N Sewer/Storm Drainage Liens N
Local Improvement Assessment N Tax Lien Sale N
Maintenance District N Treasurer's Deed N
Pending Local Improvement N

Real estate property taxes paid for prior tax year:   $2,285.10
Assessed Land $3,500.00 Assessed Improvements $24,120.00
Exemption $0.00 Total Assessed Value $27,620.00