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Last updated 12/16/2019
This feature class is a point database with that shows where the tie books are located and has fields that can be used to link to the scanned images of the tiebooks. Disclaimer ACCESS CONSTRAINTS: None. USE CONSTRAINTS: The City and County of Denver is not responsible and shall not be liable to the...
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Last updated 1/21/2022
There are two sources for the subdivision boundary layer. The first is a legacy shapefile of subdivision boundaries which was created and edited separately from the subdivision lots and ownership parcel layers. Due to the independent creation and maintenance of these layers, it is common to see line...
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Last updated 5/18/2023
The annexation layer displays the areal extents of the annexations of the City and County of Denver from 1864 to the present. Disclaimer ACCESS CONSTRAINTS: This data set is provided as read-only. Contact the GIS Data Administrator for more information on distribution requirements/restrictions. ...
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Last updated 3/23/2024
The surveyor boundaries generally refer to NE, NW, SE, and SW quadrants of the City with special areas as assigned to the surveyor with the most knowldege of that area, such as Stapleton, Gates, Lowry, and Belleview Station. Areas were last updated on 2015-01-09. Disclaimer ACCESS CONSTRAINTS: None. USE...
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Last updated 5/2/2024
Each point record contains data about the document, name of the image file for the document and path to the file. When available, project number, reception number, grantor, grantee, ¼ section, date mapped, date verified, comments, and description are provided. There is also a field called “feature_ID”...