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Last updated 4/11/2021
The Statistical Neighborhood boundaries were developed in 1970 by the Community Renewal Program (CRP) which was administered by the current Denver Department of Community Planning and Development. Statistical Neighborhoods are typically combinations of census tracts. Geographic place names, such as Windsor...
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Last updated 8/28/2021
This dataset is polygon representation of designated parkways managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation in the City and County of Denver. Data is based on the right of way boundary and then buffered to graphically represent the area affected by the setback regulations. Disclaimer ACCESS CONSTRAINTS: This...
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Last updated 8/31/2021
This layer contains Denver's City Council Districts as they were defined during the redistricting process approved on April 30, 2012. These districts were adopted in 2012 via Ordinance 242; Council Bill 286. This layer also contains records for the at-large candidates (to be consistent with previous...
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Last updated 1/21/2022
There are two sources for the subdivision boundary layer. The first is a legacy shapefile of subdivision boundaries which was created and edited separately from the subdivision lots and ownership parcel layers. Due to the independent creation and maintenance of these layers, it is common to see line...
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Last updated 2/23/2022
Public Works - Development Services Sewer Use and Drainage Permit (SUDP) Reviewer Areas. This dataset provides SUDP reviewer area boundary delineations and associated attributes. The associated tabular data includes the lead engineer and staff reviewer with contact information for the assigned reviewer...