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Last updated 5/18/2023
The annexation layer displays the areal extents of the annexations of the City and County of Denver from 1864 to the present. Disclaimer ACCESS CONSTRAINTS: This data set is provided as read-only. Contact the GIS Data Administrator for more information on distribution requirements/restrictions. ...
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Last updated 9/1/2023
Public Works - Development Services Sewer Use and Drainage Permit (SUDP) Reviewer Areas. This dataset provides SUDP reviewer area boundary delineations and associated attributes. The associated tabular data includes the lead engineer and staff reviewer with contact information for the assigned reviewer...
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Last updated 10/10/2023
Design Review is required through the establishment of Design Standards and Guidelines through several zoning districts as well as seperate rules and regulations applied to certain properties throughout the City. Design Standards and Guidelines are frequently established through the General Development...
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Last updated 12/30/2023
This dataset is polygon representation of parks, golf courses, and recreation managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation in the City and County of Denver. Data is based on parcel ownership and does not include other areas maintained by the department such as medians and parkways. Disclaimer ACCESS...
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Last updated 2/21/2024
This layer contains information on where the house districts in Colorado are, the names of the representatives that serve each district, and the party affiliation of each representative. The original shapefile is a product of the 2011 Colorado State Reapportionment Commission. DenverGIS later modified...