The Denver Open Data Catalog will move to a new application on 6/27/2024. The URL will remain the same, and the new application will have enhanced functionality. Users will be able to visualize and filter the data before downloading. Although it is a user-friendly format, the new application will also include an instructional video. All REST service URLs will remain the same.


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Last updated 8/12/2020
This data contains the existing bicycle facilities in the City and County of Denver.
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Last updated 6/14/2024
A high-quality multimodal transportation system is made up of several networks, each of which serves a particular transportation mode that moves people and goods from place to place. A high-quality multimodal transportation system is made up of pedestrian, bike, and transit networks, each of which serves...
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Last updated 6/15/2024
This dataset is a polyline representation of the centerline of trails and side walks used for recreational purposes in parks, golf courses, and other areas maintained by the Department of Denver Parks and Recreation. Some trail information is shown outside the City and County of Denver for context and...