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Success Story

What’s old is new again

When OED launched The Welton Design/Development Challenge, the proposals submitted and projects funded spanned a range of size and purpose. One of the smaller winning projects, and thus the first to be completed, was Rosenberg’s Bagels at 2714 Welton, an older building rich with community history and formerly known as The Arcade.

OED’s $75,000 investment in early 2014 to fund pre-development has helped make Rosenberg’s a true hot spot along the Welton Corridor. Today, loyal customers pack the deli on weekends and the owner is hoping to expand with a catering business in an adjacent space.

This renovation represents a unique partnership between the property owner and the business tenant. The landlord is Dr. Renee Cousins King, whose grandfather Charles L. Cousins purchased this building in the late 1920s and built the space out with his own hands. In his restoration to create Rosenberg’s, entrepreneur Joshua Pollack strived to replicate the art deco style from the building’s past. Joshua has an affinity for the history of Five Points; the project also pays homage to when his grandfather revitalized neighborhoods in Brooklyn, building retail stores for businesses like Rosenberg’s to call home.

Rosenberg’s lines-out-the-door success is just the first evidence that the right chemistry of good ideas, leadership, and timely seed funding can and will revitalize the dormant opportunity of Five Points. OED’s sense that the time was right for the developers and dollars to come together on Welton is a source of great pride and anticipation as subsequent projects from the Design/Development Challenge are taking shape.