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Our team at Denver 911 is always striving to provide the very best service to the people we serve each day.  If you have a question,comment, or complaint that you would like to bring to the attention of our Management Team, please complete the form below.  Your questions and concerns will be sent directly to the management team of Denver 911 and will be handled confidentially.

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Have you had contact with Denver 911 in the last six months?

Please rate the overall professionalism of the 911 operator or police dispatcher you spoke with.

Did you request an officer to be dispatched to your location?

Was an officer dispatched to your location?

If an officer was not dispatched, please rate the quality of the explanation provided as to why.

If the officers response time was lengthy, did you call Denver 911 again for an estimated time of arrival?

If you called Denver 911 for an estimated time of arrival, how informative was the 911 operator or police dispatcher in their explanation?

How would you rate the knowledge and understanding of the 911 operator or police dispatcher?

Did the 911 operator or police dispatcher thank you for the information you provided?

Please rate the overall customer service your received when you contacted Denver 911.

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