Search for Land Survey Plats in Denver

A plat is a map, drawn to scale, showing the divisions of a piece of land. Public Works Right of Way Services surveys and maintains land plats for the City and County of Denver. Search for specific plats based on section, township, and range; if you do not know this information, but do know your subdivision, check the subdivision database first to retrieve this.
If you need to visit Plan Review Services for copies of the survey plats, please come prepared with a list of plats you need information on.
Browse plats by Quarter, Section, Township and Range

Valid Township Range Combinations
T1S: R65W
T2S: R64, 65, or 66
W T3S: R66, 67, 68, or 69
W T4S or T5S: R67, 68, or 69W
Search for a specific plat by name
Search for all records by a specific surveyor using their PLS number