Important Voter Information

The next election will be the June 2, 2015 Municipal Run-off Election. Here is a combo sample ballot. Voters in Council Districts with run-offs will only see their two candidates on their actual ballot. 

Contact information for June 2 Municipal Run-off candidates as provided by the candidates.

Public Logic and Accuracy Test for June 2 Municipal Run-off Election.

Check out our Voter information video from Denver 8 TV.

Denver Decides and Denver 8 TV are committed to bringing voters information about the Denver election process and the candidates with community events, candidate presentations and video access through this website and on TV.

Wondering if your City Council District changed? We have interactive boundary maps and static boundary maps available.

Key dates, Voter Service and Polling Center and 24 Hour Ballot Drop-Off Box locations for the June 2, 2015 Municipal Run-off Election. 

Map of Voter Service and Polling Centers and 24 Hour Ballot Drop-off Box locations for the June 2, 2015 Municipal Run-off Election

Voter information videos in American Sign Language that show voters with hearing impairments how to register to vote, how to cast their vote, and welcoming them to the Voter Service and Polling Centers.

Denver Elections 2014 by the numbers.

Moving? Update your voter registration information by clicking the "Check Now" button on the right.

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