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Deferred Compensation Committee

Current board members:
Joseph Strese, Denver Employees Retirement Plan, Chairman
John Eckhardt, Retiree, Vice-Chairman
Susan Judah, Office of the Controller, Secretary
Steve Ellington, Treasury, CFO Representative
Bruce Backer, Office of Human Resources
Capt. Greg Pixley, Denver Fire Department
Capt. Deric Wynn, Denver Sheriff Department
Cmdr Les Perry, Denver Police Department
Alan Buchwald, Retiree

Deferred Compensation Board Application

4th Tuesday of every month at 1:00 pm
Webb Municipal Building room 4.F.6

Plan Administrator documents available upon request

Phone Message Line: (720) 913-9308


Plan Administrator

Toll Free: (855) 259-4648

Plan Consultant

Innovest Portfolio Solutions
Phone: (303) 694-1900
Fax: (303) 694-4707