New ‘Care Bank’ Creates Free Family Leave Benefit for City Employees

Published on August 22, 2022

City will decline State FAMLI plan and make enhanced benefit available in 2023

DENVER – City and County of Denver employees will soon be entitled to a new, free family leave benefit called the ‘Care Bank.’ City Council voted in favor of a request from the Office of Human Resources to decline participation in the state’s Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI, pronounced family) plan, clearing the way for the city to offer its employees an enhanced benefit.

The Care Bank will give employees up to eight weeks, or 320 hours, of leave paid by the city that can be used for qualifying self-care or care of family members.

“When our city and county employees are faced with personal challenges, the Care Bank will provide an added level of financial and job security they so richly deserve and save them from paying into a benefit they may never need,” Office of Human Resources Executive Director Kathy Nesbitt said. “I am grateful to City Council for their partnership and supporting our city employees.”

The Care Bank benefit will be available starting January 1, 2023, one year sooner than the state’s FAMLI plan benefit, which also requires employees and employers to pay a .9% premium. The small number of city employees who could benefit more under the state FAMLI plan will have the choice to opt in.

Read more about the Care Bank benefit and see a comparison of the Care Bank with FAMLI on

About the Office of Human Resources

The City and County of Denver’s Office of Human Resources maintains a competitive merit system that provides equal employment opportunities to all applicants. The agency oversees the city's personnel system and most city employees, excluding elected officials, appointees and uniformed police and fire. The Office of Human Resources is dedicated to serving as a strategic business partner with all departments/agencies to source and recruit the top professional talent for the City and County of Denver.