Schedule No. 95 Property Records

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Issued: July 2012

General Description: Records of real property acquisition, sale, transfer and property maintenance.

No record may be destroyed under this General Retention Schedule without the approval from the Records Department and the City and County of Denver’s Records Manager. Additionally, no record may be destroyed if the record is subject to an active litigation hold (refer to Executive Order 143-C). For additional information about the records program or records retention refer to Executive Order 143-B. The Records Management Program Policies and Procedures Manual for instruction about records creation, management, and disposition of individual records. The minimum retention periods specified in this schedule apply to the information contained within the record, regardless of the format of the record (paper, microfilm, electronic, etc.). Each agency must decide on the format for retention of each type of record, ensuring authenticity, readability, and accessibility for the entire retention period. Duplicate copies are NOT records. Copies that are created for administrative, convenience, reference or other purpose are NOT records and should be retained only until no longer useful. Electronic Records and Data must remain accessible, authentic, reliable, and useable through any kind of system change, update, or system end of life for the entire period of its retention, which shall be defined by information-type, as presented in this General Retention Schedule. Provided the data is an accurate representation of the information contained in the source documents from which the data was derived, the source documents need not be retained unless they contain other record information not contained in the electronic repository.


Records documenting the acquisition and sale or transfer of real property, including agreements of sale and purchase, appraisals, quiet title actions, condemnations and eminent domain actions, title insurance policies, closing documents and similar records.

Retention: 6 years after disposition of property


Conveyances of property or property rights, including quit claim deeds, warranty deeds, dedication deeds and similar documents.

Retention: Permanent


  1. Permanent Easements and Rights-of-Way

    Conveyances of rights to place utilities or other infrastructure or to cross under or over property owned by another property owner.

    Retention: Permanent

  2. Temporary Access and Construction Easements

    Documentation of temporary easements allowing access and entrance to, and work on, property or streets not owned by the easement holder.

    Retention: 2 years after easement expires


Agreements to obtain the right to use property owned by another, or to grant the right to use property to another party, for a specified period of time in exchange for the payment of rent; includes leases, lease-purchases, subleases, assignments of leases, etc.

Retention: 6 years after termination of lease


Records documenting the minor maintenance, repair and upkeep of facilities and property.

  1. Chemical Application Records

    Records documenting the application of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to parks, cemeteries, golf courses and other property.

    Retention: 3 years after application

  2. Chemical Testing and Treatment Records – Aquatic Facilities

    Records, including treatment logs, of chemical treatments for aquatic facilities such as public swimming pools, fountains, spas, hot tubs, etc.

    Retention: 3 years after treatment [CRS 25-5-803]

  3. Damage Records

    Records of damage and vandalism to property, including signs, trees, park facilities, aquatic facilities, golf courses, buildings, fences and other property.

    Retention: 3 years after date of incident

  4. *Inspection Records

    Records documenting periodic safety, health and environmental review and inspection of buildings (including those relating to plumbing, electrical, fire suppression, and other infrastructural systems), parks, playgrounds, golf courses, swimming pools and other public facilities to check for damage and recommend repairs and maintenance.

    Retention: 3 years

  5. Work Orders – Property

    Request and authorization forms for repair or maintenance work on facilities, signs, structures, etc.

    Retention: 2 years

95.060 PARKS

Historical records regarding parks, including correspondence with enduring value, architectural drawings, park histories, photographs, etc.

Retention: Permanent

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