Schedule No. 75 Licenses and Permits

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Issued: July 2012

General Description: Records pertaining to the review, investigation, approval, issuance, renewal, denial, suspension or revocation of licenses and permits.

No record may be destroyed under this General Retention Schedule without the approval from the Records Department and the City and County of Denver’s Records Manager. Additionally, no record may be destroyed if the record is subject to an active litigation hold (refer to Executive Order 143-C). For additional information about the records program or records retention refer to Executive Order 143-B. The Records Management Program Policies and Procedures Manual for instruction about records creation, management, and disposition of individual records. The minimum retention periods specified in this schedule apply to the information contained within the record, regardless of the format of the record (paper, microfilm, electronic, etc.). Each agency must decide on the format for retention of each type of record, ensuring authenticity, readability, and accessibility for the entire retention period. Duplicate copies are NOT records. Copies that are created for administrative, convenience, reference or other purpose are NOT records and should be retained only until no longer useful. Electronic Records and Data must remain accessible, authentic, reliable, and useable through any kind of system change, update, or system end of life for the entire period of its retention, which shall be defined by information-type, as presented in this General Retention Schedule. Provided the data is an accurate representation of the information contained in the source documents from which the data was derived, the source documents need not be retained unless they contain other record information not contained in the electronic repository.


Bonds required before a license or permit can be issued or renewed.

Retention: 1 year after expiration


Licenses, permits or certificates to own or use something, do something or carry on a business.

  1. Alcohol Beverage Licensing and Permit Records
    Application and supporting materials relating to issuance, renewal, transfer, suspension, or revocation of licenses for establishments that sells alcohol beverages.

    1. License and Permit Files

      Records relating to applications and renewals for all types of beer and liquor licenses, special events and temporary permits, including initial Denver and state application forms; change of corporate or trade name form; change of location permit; modification of premises; floor diagram; individual history forms; manager's registration and changes of manager forms; certificates of incorporation or good standing; record of payment of fees; record of posting of premises; neighborhood petitions; boundary maps; ownership records including lists of officers, stockholders and directors, partnership agreements, articles of organization, operating agreements, certificates of authority, and corporate changes; show-cause or administrative hearing records and records of revocation or suspension; and other background materials.

      Retention: 2 years after establishment ceases operation or after final denial, expiration, revocation, termination or transfer of license or permit, except that any background materials that will also apply to transferred license should be retained from original license file and that any obsolete material may be purged when replaced with updated information

    2. Special Events Licenses
      Application and supporting documentation for special events licenses.

      Retention: 2 years + current after event

  2. Contractor's Licenses/Registrations
    Licenses issued locally to contractors to authorize them to do business as builders, general contractors, or contractors for installation or work on specific types of systems.

    1 year after expiration for contractor’s licenses and 3 years after expiration for contractor’s certificates.

  3. Licenses Issued by Denver in General

    Licensing records, including application, proof of payment, copies of license certificates issued, proof of insurance, approval forms from reviewing departments and similar documentation for licenses, including (but not limited to) those for animals, amusement devices, auctioneers, bicycles, carnivals, cemetery contractors, circuses, dance halls, home occupations, house movers, massage therapists, oil and gas well drilling, pest control, refuse haulers, secondhand dealers, security guards, shooting galleries, sexually oriented businesses, sign contractors, slaughterhouses, taxi and limousine drivers, theaters, transient vendors, tree trimming, vendors and peddlers, etc.

    Retention: 2 years after expiration, revocation, denial, or termination of licensed activity

  4. Medical Marijuana Licensing Records
    1. License Files
      Records relating to local licenses to distribute, transmit, give, dispense, cultivate or otherwise provide marijuana in accordance with Section 14 of Article XVIII of the Colorado Constitution; includes business license applications and supporting documentation, such as owner identity information, applicant criminal history investigations, business plans, lighting plans, information on where plants will be cultivated, zoning approvals, security arrangements, signage plans, etc.

      2 years after establishment ceases operation or after final denial, expiration, revocation, termination, or transfer of license, except that any background materials that will also apply to transferred license should be retained from original license file and that any obsolete material may be purged when replaced with updated information

    2. Patient Registry Information
      Confidential records made known Denver relating to the identity of individuals applying for a medical marijuana registry card through the CDPHE. [CRS 18188-406.3, CRS 25-1.5-106, 5 CCR 1006-2]

      Until no longer needed for reference
  5. Pawnbroker Licensing Records

    1. License Files

      Records relating to applications for licenses, record of payment of fees, background investigation material, etc.

      Retention: 2 years after expiration, revocation, denial or termination

    2. Pawn Records
      Records received from pawn shops to track the acquisition and sale of pawned property, including declarations of ownership.

      2 years after transaction

  6. Permits Issued by Denver in General

    Records including applications, proof of payment and insurance coverage and other supporting documentation for permits issued to allow specific activities; includes (but is not limited to) permits for alarm system installation, banners, billboards, boats on municipal lakes, burning of refuse, candles and open flames in public places, cemetery monument placement, communication towers, concealed weapons, excavation, explosives, facility use, fence installation, fireworks and pyrotechnical displays, flammable or combustible liquids storage or sale, gas and oil drilling structures, grading, guard dogs, home occupations, house moving, hunting, landscaping, loudspeakers, odor control, parking, parades and assemblies, right-of-way planting, signs, special events or uses, spray booths, tents or canopies, tree trimming or removal, watering, etc.

    Retention: 2 years after expiration, revocation, denial, or termination of permitted use

  7. Permits to Work in Public Way

    Encroachment permits, revocable permits, street cut permits, public right-of-way permits or other permits issued for permanent, indefinite or temporary trespass on, under or over the public right-of- way (streets, sidewalks, adjacent public right-of-way or publicly owned property); for private use or construction to place improvements, communications, utility or other installations or temporary uses in the public way, such as demolitions, excavations, street cuts, blasting, crane operations, barricade installations, concrete construction (curb, gutter, sidewalks) or the moving of heavy equipment; supporting documentation includes applications, maps and drawings, proof of insurance, departmental reviews, approvals, etc.

    Retention: 3 years after permit expiration, revocation or discontinuance of use and after expiration of any warranties for activity or work done in public way

  8. Work-Related Permits
    1. Confined Space Entry Permits

      Issued by employer to document the completion of required safety measures for employees to work in confined spaces, such as tanks, storage bins, hoppers, vaults and pits with limited or restricted means of entry or exit.

      Retention: At least 1 year after cancellation [29 CFR 1910.146(e)(6)]

    2. Hot Work and Open Flame Work Permits
      Issued by employer for employees to conduct hot and open flame work, such as electric or gas welding, cutting, brazing or similar flame or spark-producing operations, in or near hazardous chemicals or substances possessing toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive properties.

      Until completion of work [29 CFR 1910.119(k)(2)]


Applications and supporting documentation for licenses or permits issued by other entities as evidence that Denver is allowed to undertake some type of activity for which a license or permit is required.

  1. Childcare Facility Licensing Records

    Records relating to Denver operated childcare facilities at recreation centers or other facilities; includes license applications and supporting documentation; records relating to the admission, progress, health, and discharge of children; complaints; criminal history checks and other records of personnel and volunteers; fire and health inspections, reports to the State; critical incident reports; etc.

    Retention: 3 years [CRS 26-6-101, et seq., 12 CCR 2509-8, Rule 7.701]

  2. Licenses and Permits Issued to Denver in General

License or permit records, including applications and supporting documentation, as well as certificates issued by other agencies, such as for State sales tax license, withholding tax registration, State certificate of exemption, etc.

Retention: 2 years after expiration


Records, listings, or logs of licenses or permits, including contact lists and listings of active licenses and permits.

Retention: Until superseded

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