Schedule No. 65 Land Use and Planning Records

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Issued: July 2012

No record may be destroyed under this General Retention Schedule without the approval from the Records Department and the City and County of Denver’s Records Manager. Additionally, no record may be destroyed if the record is subject to an active litigation hold (refer to Executive Order 143-C). For additional information about the records program or records retention refer to Executive Order 143-B. The Records Management Program Policies and Procedures Manual for instruction about records creation, management, and disposition of individual records. The minimum retention periods specified in this schedule apply to the information contained within the record, regardless of the format of the record (paper, microfilm, electronic, etc.). Each agency must decide on the format for retention of each type of record, ensuring authenticity, readability, and accessibility for the entire retention period. Duplicate copies are NOT records. Copies that are created for administrative, convenience, reference or other purpose are NOT records and should be retained only until no longer useful. Electronic Records and Data must remain accessible, authentic, reliable, and useable through any kind of system change, update, or system end of life for the entire period of its retention, which shall be defined by information-type, as presented in this General Retention Schedule. Provided the data is an accurate representation of the information contained in the source documents from which the data was derived, the source documents need not be retained unless they contain other record information not contained in the electronic repository.


Records documenting the annexation of areas or the disapproval of annexations, including annexation petitions, annexation agreements, copies of annexing and zoning ordinances, annexation maps, permanent correspondence, departmental review of various impacts of the annexation (traffic, utility, financial, support services, environmental), etc. See also 15.150.A, Annexation and Deannexation Election Petitions.

  1. Approved

    Retention: Permanent for records relating to the annexation or desannexation of territory to or from Denver which contains historical value. Other related annexation or desannexation to be retained for 5 years

  2. Not Approved

Retention: 5 years after disapproval


  1. Census and Population Data (Historical)

    Summary population estimates, statistics, and municipal census surveys.

    Retention: Permanent

  2. Census Forms and Reports

Copies of U.S. Census Bureau forms and voluntary surveys on government employment and Denver tax revenues, used to meet the requirements for Federal Revenue Sharing and to make financial information available to the public, annual survey of government employees, boundary and annexation survey and similar reports.

Retention: 3 years


Records pertaining to developments, including accessory use reviews, conceptual reviews, conditional use reviews, master plans, nonconforming use reviews, overall development plans, permitted use reviews, planned unit developments, site plans, site specific development plans, minor subdivisions, replats, resub divisions, special use reviews, vacations of plats and plans, and similar projects; includes departmental review of various aspects of development proposals (traffic, utilities, financial, environmental) and documentation of vested property rights.

  1. Approved

    Retention: Permanent, except that obsolete nonpermanent correspondence and documentation may be purged in accordance with this Retention Schedule

  2. Not Approved

    Retention: 6 months after date of rejection

65.040* [RESERVED]


Advisory deliberations from the County or other jurisdictions for review and recommendation.

  1. Direct Interest to Denver

    6 years, provided that it is reviewed for ongoing value before destroying

  2. Other Referrals

    Until no longer needed for reference

65.060* VARIANCE AND EXEMPTION CASE FILES (see also Sch.110 #110.010.D*)

Records pertaining to approval of variances to code requirements, such as setback and parking requirements, requested by property owners and developers due to hardships and circumstances outside of their control.

Retention: 10 years after expiration, revocation, or discontinuance of use


  1. Land Use Violations
    Records of violations of land use or related codes.

    Retention: 7 years

  2. Nuisance Abatement Records
    Records documenting enforcement of Denver provisions designed to abate nuisances such as overgrown weeds and grass, abandoned vehicles, junk and trash and other nuisances.

    7 years


Records pertaining to the initial zoning of property upon annexation or the subsequent rezoning of property, including correspondence of enduring value, ordinances, zoning maps, petitions, zoning certificates and similar records.

Retention: Permanent

Cross References

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