Schedule No. 35 Fleet and Equipment Records

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Issued: July 2012

General Description: Records documenting the operation of vehicles and equipment.

No record may be destroyed under this General Retention Schedule without the approval from the Records Department and the City and County of Denver’s Records Manager. Additionally, no record may be destroyed if the record is subject to an active litigation hold (refer to Executive Order 143-C). For additional information about the records program or records retention refer to Executive Order 143-B. The Records Management Program Policies and Procedures Manual for instruction about records creation, management, and disposition of individual records. The minimum retention periods specified in this schedule apply to the information contained within the record, regardless of the format of the record (paper, microfilm, electronic, etc.). Each agency must decide on the format for retention of each type of record, ensuring authenticity, readability, and accessibility for the entire retention period. Duplicate copies are NOT records. Copies that are created for administrative, convenience, reference or other purpose are NOT records and should be retained only until no longer useful. Electronic Records and Data must remain accessible, authentic, reliable, and useable through any kind of system change, update, or system end of life for the entire period of its retention, which shall be defined by information-type, as presented in this General Retention Schedule. Provided the data is an accurate representation of the information contained in the source documents from which the data was derived, the source documents need not be retained unless they contain other record information not contained in the electronic repository.


Records pertaining to all types of equipment, mechanisms and systems and their maintenance, inspection and repair history, including fire and water detection alarm systems; heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems; disaster warning systems; elevators; sump pumps; power generators; boilers; measuring and weighing devices; tools; office equipment, recording systems; etc. Documentation includes warranties, operating manuals, calibration and testing records, inspections, vehicle registration certificates, titles, bills of sale, etc.

Retention: Until equipment is no longer under municipal control or life of equipment + 1 year and/or after any contractually required audit, unless another retention period is required by law or specified elsewhere in this Retention Schedule


Records pertaining to fuel usage, including periodic fuel usage reports.

Retention: 2 years


  1. Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

    Vehicle inspection reports and documentation of corrective actions taken to address defects or deficiencies noted during the inspection done by the driver prior to each operation of a commercial motor vehicle. Note: A legible copy of the last vehicle inspection report is to be carried in the vehicle.

    Retention: 3 months [49 CFR 396.11]

  2. Inspection and Maintenance Documentation
    Records pertaining to maintenance and inspections performed for vehicles and equipment, including those records required by State and federal regulations; includes manufacturer-issued manuals and warranties, inspection reports, vehicle maintenance histories and work orders providing the only available vehicle history. [General Reference: 49 CFR 396.21 requires annual inspection reports of commercial motor vehicles to be retained for 14 months after the inspection where the vehicle is housed or maintained.]

    Retention: Until vehicle or equipment is no longer under municipal control or life of vehicle or equipment + 1 year

  3. Work Orders
    Documentation of requests and authorizations for vehicle and equipment work.

    Retention: 2 years, unless work order provides the only available vehicle history, in which case it should be retained for life of vehicle or equipment + 1 year

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