Schedule No. 105 Risk Management Records

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Issued: July 2012
Updated: September 25, 2014

General Description: Records relating to risk management functions.

No record may be destroyed under this General Retention Schedule without the approval from the Records Department and the City and County of Denver’s Records Manager. Additionally, no record may be destroyed if the record is subject to an active litigation hold (refer to Executive Order 143-C). For additional information about the records program or records retention refer to Executive Order 143-B. The Records Management Program Policies and Procedures Manual for instruction about records creation, management, and disposition of individual records. The minimum retention periods specified in this schedule apply to the information contained within the record, regardless of the format of the record (paper, microfilm, electronic, etc.). Each agency must decide on the format for retention of each type of record, ensuring authenticity, readability, and accessibility for the entire retention period. Duplicate copies are NOT records. Copies that are created for administrative, convenience, reference or other purpose are NOT records and should be retained only until no longer useful. Electronic Records and Data must remain accessible, authentic, reliable, and useable through any kind of system change, update, or system end of life for the entire period of its retention, which shall be defined by information-type, as presented in this General Retention Schedule. Provided the data is an accurate representation of the information contained in the source documents from which the data was derived, the source documents need not be retained unless they contain other record information not contained in the electronic repository.


  1. Certificates of Insurance

    Documentation provided by insurance providers as proof of insurance coverage for specific purposes.

    Retention: 6 years after expiration or completion of insured work or action, whichever is later

    Major County Projects [Reference County Schedule 5.240]

    Retention: 10 years after substantial completion

    Other Certificates of Insurance [Reference County Schedule 5.240]

    Retention: 6 years after expiration

  2. Claim Records

    Records of claims for damages by or against Denver.

    1. Claim Records

      Statements of claims and completed claim forms.

      Retention: 6 years after closure of claim

    2. Claim Reports

      Summary reports regarding losses and handling and disposition of claims.

      Retention: 6 years

  3. Insurance Policies

    Documents issued by the insurance company to outline liability, theft, fire, accident, property damage and other coverage and risk control standards.

    Retention: 6 years after expiration of policy, or after all claims made under policy are settled, whichever is later


  1. Automated or Manual Access Control Records

    Records generated by automated systems to show entry and exit from secured areas by authorized persons using an electronic badge or similar system to gain entry or exit, or records generated manually to document entry and exit to and from secured areas (i.e., entry and exit log sheets, etc.).

    Retention: 2 years

  2. * Recordings and Images Related to Security – Public Areas

    Video or audio recordings, biometric data or images from security or surveillance cameras, scanning systems or audio recording systems in public areas of municipal buildings or grounds. Security setups vary and recordings may be continuous, stop-frame or random use. Recordings or images may capture date and time indexing information.

    Retention: Up to 30 days, except video images retained as part of a case file are retained for the life of the case file.

  3. * Recordings and Images Related to Public Security – PCI Compliant Credit Card Transactions

    Video or audio or images from security or surveillance cameras monitoring areas where credit card transactions are completed. Security setups vary and recordings may be continuous, stop-frame or random use. Recordings or images may capture date and time indexing information.

    Retention: Up to 90 days, except video images retained as part of a case file are retained for the life of the case file.


Injury reports and supplemental reports and claim records for workers' compensation. See also Schedule 90.110, Health, Medical and Safety Records.

Retention: Permanent


Fidelity, surety, blanket, or other bonds intended to guarantee honest and faithful performance of officials. [CRS 31-4-219, CRS 31-4-401]

Retention: 6 years after bond expires


Plans describing how criteria of the Hazard Communications Act (Chapter 502, Health and Safety Code) with regard to the education and training of employees will be met.

Retention: Until superseded + 6 years

Cross References

Agreements and contracts – 40.030*, Agreements and Contracts

Claims – 80.010, Claims

Correspondence – Schedule 145*, Correspondence Records

Emergency planning records – 100.040, Emergency Planning and Response

Litigation – Schedule 80, Litigation and Legal Counsel Records

Policies and procedures – 40.220*, Policies and Procedures Documentation

Recordings in secured police areas – 100.080*. AA, Video and Audio Recordings – Secured Police Facilities Reports – 40.290, Reports

Rules, regulations, and standards – 40.310, Rules, Regulations and Standards

Unemployment insurance – 90.190, Unemployment Insurance

Workers' compensation – 105.030*, Workers' Compensation