Proposition 119: Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program


Shall state taxes be increased $137,600,000 annually on retail marijuana sales by achange to the colorado revised statutes concerning the creation of a program to provide out‑of‑school learning opportunities for Colorado children aged 5 to 17, and, in connection therewith, creating an independentstate agency to administer the program for out‑of‑school learning opportunities chosen by parents; funding the program byincreasing the retail marijuana sales tax by5% by 2024 and reallocating a portion of the public school lands income; authorizing transfers and revenue for program funding as a voter‑approved revenue change; specifying that learning opportunities include tutoring and extra instruction in subjects including reading, math, science, writing, music, and art, targeted support for children with special needs and learning disabilities, career and technical education training, and other academic or enrichment opportunities; and prioritizing program financial aid for low‑income students? 

What Your Vote Means

YES Vote

A “yes” vote on Proposition 119 funds financial aid for tutoring and other out-of-school enrichment and instruction through an increase in retail marijuana taxes and transfers from existing state funds.

NO Vote

A “no” vote on Proposition 119 means the program will not be created and funded.