Ballot Measure 2G: Fill Future Vacancies for Independent Monitor


Shall the Charter of the City and County of Denver be amended to allow the citizen oversight board to appoint the independent monitor with consent of city council, providing the office of the monitor with independent legal counsel and establishing employment status of employees?

Comments For and Against

Summary of Comments FOR

Voting “yes” on the measure changes Denver’s Charter to increase the effectiveness of the Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM). The OIM provides independent oversight of investigations into wrongdoing by uniformed officers and deputies. First, the measure allows the Independent Monitor to seek independent legal advice when needed to fulfill their duties as a watchdog over other City of Denver Safety Agencies. Second, it gives the Citizen Oversight Board (COB) responsibility for appointing the Monitor, with confirmation by City Council, to ensure true independence from the agencies they monitor. The COB is appointed by the Mayor and Council to represent the community on issues of concern about law enforcement, and the Board currently works closely with and evaluates the performance of the Monitor. Third, employees under the Monitor will be part of the Career Service to ensure they are protected from retaliation for doing their job as watchdogs, with no changes to salaries or benefits, but retaining two appointed positions that serve at the pleasure of the Independent Monitor to help them carry out their duties. Together these changes reduce actual or perceived conflicts of interest that may arise and increase the independence of the office to reinforce public trust in law enforcement and any investigations into wrongdoing in Denver.

Summary of Comments AGAINST

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