Initiated Ordinance 306

Shall the voters of the City and County of Denver adopt a measure requiring multifamily residential premises, non-residential premises, and food waste producers to offer recycling and/or organic material diversion, while also providing, in English and Spanish, proper education, information, signage, and instructions, while also providing an annual diversion plan, and notice of contract termination and change of provider,

  • having multifamily residential premises phased in based on their number of units beginning June 1, 2022; and

  • having non-residential premises and food waste producers, to be determined through rules and regulations established by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI), phased in based off their square footage beginning June 1, 2023;

  • while also requiring retail food mobile license holders to offer recycling and organic material diversion and to be prohibited from improper disposal of fats, oils, or grease; while also requiring special events to offer recycling and organic material diversion, in convenient and appropriate containers and locations, while allowing for waivers, and requiring a waste management plan with staff and volunteer training; while also requiring construction and demolition activities to separate and recycle all readily-recyclable concrete, asphalt, clean wood, scrap metal and corrugated cardboard, and to submit a recycling and reuse plan; and requiring DOTI to establish rules granting right of entry, exemptions, and fines and penalties for noncompliance?