Commendations and Complaints

The Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM) accepts commendations and complaints. Commendations are forwarded to the officer's chain of command so that both the officer and his/her supervisors are notified, and the commendation is placed in the officer's personnel record.  All complaints that fall within OIM jurisdiction are forwarded to the Internal Affairs Bureau of the Denver Police and/or Sheriff Departments to be assigned to a sergeant for review. Our office monitors the entire Internal Affairs process in an attempt to ensure that it is handled in a reasonable and appropriate manner.

Please note: It is very difficult to conduct a quality investigation when complaints are not filed in a timely manner.  We strongly encourage complainants to file their complaints within 60 days, when possible.  While exceptions can be considered, complaints filed in an untimely manner may be declined for further review (although both Departments will maintain records of untimely complaints for audit purposes and in order to effectively manage personnel).

Submit Your Commendation or Complaint Online

We only handle complaints and commendations regarding the Denver Police and Denver Sheriff Departments. Please call 311 for all other matters and complaints.

If you would like to submit a printable version of the form, please download the printable form, below, and mail or fax to: 

Office of the Independent Monitor
Denver Post Building
101 W. Colfax Avenue, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80202
Fax: (720) 913-3305