Energize Denver Awards & Case Studies


Energize Denver Awards 2020 

Congratulations to our 2020 Energize Denver Award Winners!

Energy Efficiency

  • Office: National Conference of State Legislatures
  • Hotel: 11th Avenue Hostel
  • Multifamily: Joshua Station

COVID Adaptation & Resilience

  • First Place: Dominion Towers
  • Second Place: GID

Individual Leadership

  • First Place: Jeff Roberts
  • Second Place (tie): Chris Bowyer
  • Second Place (tie): Adolfo Marquez

Read more about each winner in the Energize Denver Awards Supplement.

2020 Energize Denver Awards Supplement(PDF, 11MB)


The Energize Denver Awards stem from the benchmarking ordinance as a way to recognize and promote the accomplishments of building owners and managers who operate buildings covered by the ordinance. Historically, the Energize Denver Awards have been given to the three office, multifamily and hotel buildings with the most improved energy performance.  

However, the 2020 Energize Denver Awards included two new categories: COVID Adaptation and Resilience and Individual Leadership, in addition to the traditional energy efficiency awards.  

Check out our Energize Denver Awards Supplement to read the stories of management teams and individuals from eight Denver buildings who have acted to significantly improve their operations.

2020 Energize Denver Awards Supplement(PDF, 11MB)

Overview of Award Categories 

  • Energy Efficiency: Winners in this category were identified through benchmarking data that is collected by the city each year. This category was open to office, multifamily and hotel buildings. This category awards buildings within the qualifying building type groups with the highest year-over-year energy savings from 2018- 2019.  

  • COVID Adaptation & Resilience: COVID-19 has changed completely the way we live and operate within our buildings. This category recognizes property managers and building owners who have successfully adapted to COVID-19 and are keeping Denver’s buildings safe while minimizing cost and energy use. Winners in this category adapted to optimize operations and eliminate unnecessary energy demand, while also maintaining a healthy environment and building tenant trust.  

  • Individual Leadership: It’s not the buildings we work in but the people in them who make all the difference. This category recognizes individuals who demonstrate excellence and are fundamental to their team’s success. These individuals go above and beyond to make sure their building is not just operational, but also efficient and at the forefront of high performance. This category also was open to an individual who was fundamental to the team’s success with COVID-19 adaptation.  


Case Studies

The following case study buildings are leading the way in improving energy efficiency. Learn how buildings are staying ahead of the curve and seeing an attractive return on investments in energy efficiency. 

If you have recently undertaken or completed an energy efficiency project, we want to hear about it! Write a case study about your project or send suggestions to energizedenver@denvergov.org.