City and County of Denver COVID-19 Response Update

Published on January 22, 2021

DENVER – The City and County of Denver today provided the following COVID-19 status update: 

Addressing Vaccine Reluctance in Communities of Color 

Mayor Hancock hosted a virtual panel discussion to offer historic context around the interaction between the African American community and the medical community, stressing the importance of getting vaccinated while also addressing the very real fears people have about this virus and previous experiences between the medical community and communities of color. Future panels will focus on Latinx, Asian, Native American and immigrant/refugee communities. Watch the panel discussion

New: Residents May Opt In For E-Mail Update  

Because Denver is committed to the safety, health, and well-being of our community, the city continuously improves its delivery of information to help navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, among other topics. Residents are now encouraged to sign up to receive emails about city news, events, service updates, and critical pandemic information. Sign up for COVID-19 Updates

Denver County Current Status:  

*Numbers represent current data, and are subject to change based on additional data 

Denver residents initiating vaccination – 1st Dose received:  38,107   

Denver residents completing vaccination – 2nd Dose received:  12,193        

Current State Dial Level: Orange – High Risk 

  • Two-week cumulative incidence rate of ≥175 - <350
  • To return to Level Yellow: two-week cumulative incidence rate of ≥75 - <175 
  • Two-week average positivity rate no greater than 15%  
  • To return to Level Yellow: two-week average positivity rate no greater than 10%   
  • Decreasing or Stable Hospitalizations for 8-11 Days 

Denver two-week cumulative incidence rate     

  • Friday, Jan. 15: 515.9 average of new daily cases per 100,000 population
  • Saturday, Jan. 16: 520.9
  • Sunday, Jan. 17: 512.4
  • Monday, Jan. 18: 510.9
  • Tuesday, Jan. 19: 494.4 
  • Wednesday, Jan. 20: 456.8 
  •  Thursday, Jan. 21: 417.1 

Two-week average positivity rate      

  • Friday, Jan. 15: 5.0%
  • Saturday, Jan. 16: 4.9%
  • Sunday, Jan. 17: 4.8% 
  • Monday, Jan. 18:  4.6% 
  •  Tuesday, Jan. 19: 4.4% 
  • Wednesday, Jan. 20: 4.3% 
  • Thursday, Jan. 21: 4.2% 

Decreasing or stable hospitalizations     

Current: 11 days of declining or stable new hospital admissions      

Persons hospitalized with COVID-19 North Central Region: 440.3 (14-day average) 

ICU hospital bed capacity North Central Region: 64.8% (7-day average) 

Cumulative Denver positive cases:  54,006     

Cumulative Denver deaths from COVID-19:  482    

Current public health orders and capacity restrictions for Level Orange 

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