City and County of Denver COVID-19 Response Update

Published on February 12, 2021

Denver COVID-19 Status Update 

Community Vaccination Sites

The City and County of Denver is partnering with Denver Health to open four community vaccination sites. These sites will provide vaccines to eligible residents in communities most impacted by COVID-19, where vaccine access has been limited, to help address critical place-based needs. The first of these community vaccination sites will open in Montbello on Feb. 18. Additional locations in Northeast, West and Southwest Denver will open in the coming weeks. These fixed, community-specific sites will require eligible residents to register for an appointment. Registration information and instructions will be shared with communities prior to the opening of each site.

Vaccine Challenges for People Experiencing Homelessness

Despite a State denial this week of Denver’s formal request to accelerate vaccine availability for people experiencing homelessness, Denver officials will continue to seek solutions to this challenge based on local infection rates among this population and the community risk involved. In a memo sent to State officials last week, the Denver Joint Task Force had urged the adoption of a location-based prioritization strategy to vaccinate homeless residents, rather than adhering to the State’s age-based approach.

Denver County Current Status: 

  • Numbers represent current data and are subject to change. 
  • Denver residents initiating vaccination – 1st Dose received: 73,825 
  • Denver residents completing vaccination – 2nd Dose received: 36,693 

Click here for Denver vaccine information 

Current State Dial Level: Yellow – Concern 

  • One-week cumulative incidence rate of >100 - ≤300
    • To be moved to Level Blue: one-week cumulative incidence rate of >15 - ≤100 
  • One-week average positivity rate of >5% - ≤7.5% 
    • To be moved to Level Blue: one-week average positivity rate of ≤5%
  • Decreasing or Stable Hospitalizations for 8-11 Days 
    • To be moved to Level Blue: decreasing or stable hospitalizations for 12-14 Days 

Denver one-week cumulative incidence rate 

  • Friday, Feb. 5: 161.4 average of new daily cases per 100,000 population 
  • Saturday, Feb. 6: 157.0 
  • Sunday, Feb. 7: 162.1 
  • Monday, Feb. 8: 160.1 
  • Tuesday, Feb. 9: 160.4 
  • Wednesday, Feb. 10: 160.0 
  • Thursday, Feb. 11: 136.4 

One-week average positivity rate 

  • Friday, Feb. 5: 2.9% 
  • Saturday, Feb. 6: 2.9% 
  • Sunday, Feb. 7: 2.9% 
  • Monday, Feb. 8: 2.9% 
  • Tuesday, Feb. 9: 2.9% 
  • Wednesday, Feb. 10: 2.8% 
  • Thursday, Feb. 11: 2.7% 

Decreasing or stable hospitalizations 

  • Current: 9 days of declining or stable new hospital admissions 
  • Persons hospitalized with COVID-19 North Central Region: 303.2 (14-day average) 
  • ICU hospital bed capacity North Central Region: 66.9% (7-day average) 

Cumulative Denver positive cases: 57,539 

Cumulative Denver deaths from COVID-19: 505 

Current public health orders and capacity restrictions for Level Yellow 

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