City and County of Denver COVID-19 Status Update

Published on September 10, 2021

DENVER – The City and County of Denver today provided the following COVID-19 status update: 

New Federal Vaccine Action Plan

The City and County of Denver is reviewing the new vaccine requirements announced by President Joe Biden and awaiting guidance from State and Federal partners. The new measures currently proposed include a vaccine mandate for all federal workers and contractors, and a requirement that large companies must mandate vaccines or regular testing for employees. The action plan was put in place to address the slow-down in vaccination rates across the country and the current rise in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant. Denver has seen a steady increase in the number of vaccines being administered following its mandate, which was put in place on August 2. We will share additional updates upon release of Federal and State guidance.

City and County of Denver Vaccination Mandate  

The deadline for all City and County of Denver employees and private-sector workers in high-risk settings like schools, hospitals and shelters to be fully vaccinated is Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021, which means impacted personal must get their second Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or first J&J vaccine by Wednesday, Sept. 15 to make the deadline.

All three COVID-19 vaccines are readily available and free to all Denver residents. No insurance or identification are required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. More information about the COVID-19 vaccine is available here, or you can text your ZIP code to GETVAX (438829) in English, or VACUNA (822862) in Spanish, to get the contact information of three nearby locations with available vaccines. 

Businesses that do not comply, could be subject to enforcement actions. For more information, employers can visit the online toolkit at: 

Vaccine Breakthrough Dashboard

The CDPHE has a new Vaccine Breakthrough Dashboard available on their website to track the potential loss of effectiveness of current vaccines. The most recent data on the dashboard shows that fully vaccinated Coloradans are 3.4 times less likely to test positive for COVID-19 (as of Aug. 22), 3.7 times less likely to be hospitalized (as of Aug 15) and 5.8 times less likely to die from COVID-19 (through July 2021) when compared with people who were not fully vaccinated. The City and County of Denver is working on a Denver-specific breakthrough dashboard, which will be available soon.

Testing Locations 

As COVID-19 cases continue increasing and the Delta variant spreads, it’s important for anyone who has been exposed to the virus or is experiencing symptoms to get tested for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status or prior infection. Pending results, residents should stay away from others and follow the advice of health care providers or public health professionals.

All residents have access to free community testing locations throughout the city and testing is readily available.

Delta Variant in Denver  

The number of Delta variant cases has seen a significant jump in the last week and continues to make up the majority of cases in Denver. Currently, the City and County of Denver is aware of 718 confirmed cases. People who are fully vaccinated are highly protected against COVID-19 including the variants. City public health experts continue to monitor this variant and will adjust guidance as necessary to protect and provide the safest community for Denver residents and visitors.   

Vaccination Events 

Lone Peak Dental Group, Kid’s Dental
Sept. 24, 2021
7901 E Colfax Ave, Denver Co 80220
Vaccine: Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson

Interested parties can visit this webpage for the current list of vaccine locations and scheduled vaccination events -


Denver County Current Status:   

*Numbers represent data as of Friday, Sept. 10 and are subject to change. 

  • Denver residents 12 and older initiating vaccination – 1st dose received: 80.2 (%) 
  • Denver residents 12 and older completing vaccination – Fully vaccinated: 73.8 (%) 

Denver one-week cumulative incidence rate (7-day moving average) 

  • Friday, Sept. 3: 159.2 average of new daily cases per 100,000 population 
  • Saturday, Sept. 4: 154.2 
  • Sunday, Sept. 5: 156.5 
  • Monday, Sept. 6: 145.1
  • Tuesday, Sept. 7: 132.6
  • Wednesday, Sept. 8: 122.9 
  • Thursday, Aug. Sept. 9: 107.9 

One-week average positivity rate* 

  • Friday, Sept. 3: 3.4% 
  • Saturday, Sept. 4: 3.4% 
  • Sunday, Sept. 5: 3.4% 
  • Monday, Sept. 6: 3.4% 
  • Tuesday, Sept. 7: 3.3% 
  • Wednesday, Sept. 8: N/A 
  • Thursday, Sept. 9: N/A  

* The most recent 7 days of testing may be incomplete due to delays in laboratory analysis and reporting.  


  • Persons hospitalized with COVID-19 Denver County: 93 (7-day average) 

Cumulative Denver positive cases: 81,843 

Cumulative Denver deaths from COVID-19: 881 



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