Keeping People Safe

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What businesses must do to keep employees safe:

  • Designate a workplace coordinator to address COVID-19 issues
  • Maintain 6-foot separation between employees and discourage shared spaces
  • Clean and disinfect all high touch areas
  • Post signage(PDF, 495KB) for employees and customers on handwashing, mask-wearing, and good hygiene
  • Ensure proper ventilation (OSHA guidance)  
  • Limit or discourage in-person meetings
  • Avoid meetings or groupings of more than 10 employees, clients or customers
  • Implement symptom monitoring protocols such as temperature checks
  • Eliminate, or regularly clean and disinfect, any items in common spaces
  • Require employees with symptoms to stay home
  • Accommodate employees who are vulnerable individuals
  • Provide flexible options for employees with child or elder-care obligations
  • Provide appropriate PPE, like gloves, masks, or face coverings
  • Discourage the use of shared spaces such as breakrooms and meeting rooms
  • Consider using separate entrances and exits, with staff members counting visitors to control the number of guests at one time.
  •  Install plastic protective shields to provide protection between employees and customers

What businesses must do to ensure safety for your customers:

  • Create special hours for vulnerable individuals when practical
  • Encourage 6-foot distancing by patrons and use of face coverings
  • Provide hand sanitizer and wipes at entrances to the greatest extent possible
  • Use contactless payment solutions when possible
  • Create signage regarding health protocols.

Report Cases of COVID-19 

Sign up for Colorado’s Exposure Notifications Service

One of the key tools to fight COVID-19 and slow its spread is right in your pocket. CO Exposure Notifications is a free and voluntary service developed in partnership with Google and Apple that can notify users of possible exposure to COVID-19.


Report a Single Case of COVID-19 in an Employee

Please review and adhere to these requirements in the event of a single suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in an employee.

Report a COVID-19 Outbreak

To report an outbreak of COVID-19 (two or more cases) in a Denver workplace or organization, please complete our online form. We will review the information submitted, and you or the workplace will be contacted by a representative within 24 hours to discuss the next steps. 

If you have urgent questions or need immediate assistance before you hear from us, please email or call 3-1-1 (720-913-1311).