Find & Visit Someone In Custody

Downtown Detention Center video visitation kiosks in the lobby

Want to schedule a visit at one of our facilities? Video visitations – on-site or remote – must be scheduled through Securus. Follow the steps on the "Schedule a Visit" tab below.

Media: to request an interview with anyone in our facilities, please send written requests to

Professional visitors: lawyers and other professional visitors, please refer to the "Professional Visits" tab for details.

Find an Inmate

Find the location of an inmate in Denver County by using the inmate search tool:

Search For an Inmate Here

Can't find the inmate you're looking for in Denver? Try another county or the state.

Schedule a Visit

All visitations take place over video and must be scheduled through Securus for the Denver Detention Center (DDC) or the Denver County Jail (COJL). In-person visits are not available at this time.

To schedule a video visit, follow the steps below.

Step 1.Create an Account

To schedule a visit, you must set up Securus account (if you already have one, skip this step). If you prefer, you may do this at a DDC or COJL lobby terminal. If you need assistance setting up an account, contact Securus Customer Care.

Step 2.On-Site or Remote Visit?

Two types of video visits are offered: a) on-site video visits from a facility lobby or b) video visits from a remote location.

Remote video visits can be conducted from anywhere using the Securus app on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Remote video visits are $8.99 + tax for a 30-minute visit and visitation hours vary by location. To learn more about remote video visitations, check out the Securus website or call 1-877-578-3658.

Step 3.Prepare for Your Visit

Bring Identification.

A current valid ID is required at time of check-in, which includes:

  • U.S. driver license or state issued identification card
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Consulate ID

Be punctual.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your visit to check in, locate a terminal, and log into the system (you may log in one minute prior to the scheduled time).

No rescheduling.

Visitation windows are not moveable once scheduled. If you arrive late, but before your timeslot expires, you have whatever time remains to complete your visit.

If the person in our care misses a visit without canceling prior to their absence, they will be charged with a visit which will affect their allotment of two visits per week.

Be aware. 

  • Visitors may be subject to warrant checks.
  • Any damage to property or other criminal actions will be prosecuted.
  • Use of this video visitation system constitutes consent to recording and monitoring.
  • You must abide by the Visitation Rules and Dress Code during visits (see below).

Step 4.Follow Visitation Rules

Remote video visitation rules:

  • No nudity.
  • No provocative (revealing) or tight clothing.
  • No see-through clothing.
  • No visible undergarments.
  • No blatant sexual actions.
  • No displaying of gang signs.
  • No profanity - excessive and disruptive.
  • No displaying of weapons of any type.
  • No displaying of drugs of any type.
  • No gang, obscene, profane, drug or alcohol messages on clothing.
  • No display of being under the influence of illegal drugs or intoxicants.
  • No use of cell phone cameras or recording devices.
  • No visits alone with individuals under the age of 18.
  • No driving while using a device to visit remotely.

Lobby rules (on-site video visits):

  • Any person who smells of alcohol and/or appears to be intoxicated, or who appears to be on/under the influence of any drugs, shall not be admitted.
  • Any person who does not leave the facility or grounds, when directed to do so by a Denver Deputy Sheriff, will be subject to arrest and charged.
  • No offensive, loud, or disruptive language will be allowed – unacceptable conduct is cause to immediately terminate the visit and may prevent future visits.
  • All minors/children must be properly supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Lobby dress code (on-site video visits):

All visitors must be fully dressed in appropriate, conventional clothing, that is not unduly provocative, suggestive, or revealing.

Clothing must not resemble attire of those in our care or present adornments which could be used as a weapon.

Visit officers have discretion over the final decision as to what is appropriate for the visitor.

Visitor clothing standards include:

  • No bare feet.
  • No short skirts.
  • No swimwear or bikini tops.
  • No halter or backless shirts.
  • No spaghetti string tops.
  • No muscle shirts.
  • No see-through material.
  • No gang, obscene, profane, drug or alcohol messages on clothing.
  • No visible undergarments.
  • No wearing hats in the visitor area (religious exception).
  • All shirts must have sleeves and completely cover the chest and shoulder areas.
  • Shorts may be worn (mid-thigh length or longer).
  • Sports jerseys may be worn but should be worn over a t-shirt, or longer, if the shoulders are not completely covered.

Professional Visits

Lawyers and other professional visitors may schedule video visits through Securus for the Denver Detention Center (DDC) and the Denver County Jail (COJL). For professional in-person visits at either location, click on the button below to request receipt of the required form.

Request A Professional Visit at the Downtown Detention Center

Request A Professional Visit at the Denver County Jail