Denver 2024 Compost Giveaway

Ever wonder what happens to all those leaves from our Leafdrop event or compost collected at the curb? Fall leaves, food scraps, and yard waste collected by Solid Waste Management are turned into compost by our partner, WM. For 2024 only, Denver residents can register for a Compost Coupon to receive free compost during the 2024 Compost and Mulch Giveaway. The Giveaway will be Saturday May 4th from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm. Find the location and essential information below and refer to the frequently asked questions for more information. A limited amount of compost coupons are available, and registration is required. No coupons will be distributed onsite. 

Our Compost Giveaway is a dig-your-own event in conjunction with our Mulch Giveaway. Parking will be provided for the Compost Giveaway. The event location is:
City and County of Denver Central Platte Campus- Bayaud and Navajo (1271 W. Bayaud Ave)

Directions: Enter through the campus gates at W. Bayaud Ave. and S. Navajo St., drive past the Denver Animal Shelter. Refer to the map for information and directions. 

Instructions to receive a compost coupon:

  1. Enter the required information in the "Sign Up for the Compost Giveaway" form below.
  2. Receive an electric confirmation number from Solid Waste Management. The confirmation number is required at the event.
  3. Bring a 5 gallon bucket, a shovel, the confirmation number, and proof of Denver residency.
  4. Fill your 5 gallon bucket with wonderful, Denver-made, compost.

Limit of one 5 gallon bucket of compost per resident with Coupon Confirmation Number.

Sign Up for the Compost Giveaway

Frequently Asked Questions

What's different about this year’s event?

For 2024 only, compost will be distributed free from City and County of Denver and WM. Complete the form above to receive a coupon confirmation number. Registration is required and subject to availability as quantities are limited. The compost giveaway is "Dig-Your-Own," and residents must bring a 5 gallon bucket, shovel, coupon confirmation number and proof of residency.

The Compost Giveaway will is in conjunction with the 'Dig-Your-Own Mulch' event at our Central Platte Campus (see map for details and directions.) For more information about the Mulch Giveaway, please visit

Can I purchase bags of compost at this event? What happened to the retail Compost Sale?

For 2024, this event is only Dig-Your-Own. Bagged compost is always available at most garden and hardware stores.

Where else can I purchase compost?

WM sells its bulk compost at the Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site (DADS) Landfill facility. Bagged compost is also available at most garden and hardware stores.

Is this compost made from our new compost collection program?

Yes! Solid Waste Management collects your food scraps & yard waste and take it to our compost partner, WM. They use a windrow composting method to create a wonderfully nutrient rich soil amendment. It is great for Spring gardens!

How much does compost weigh?

Compost is heavy! One full 5 gallon bucket can weigh up to 55 pounds.

How do I use my finished compost?

There are various ways to use your finished compost. You can sprinkle compost on top or mix it into your flower and vegetable beds, gently rake compost into tree beds, blend it with potting soil to revitalize indoor plants, or spread it on top of the soil on your lawn as a soil amendment.

I don’t live in Denver. Can I still support closing the compost loop?

This event is for Denver residents only. We recommend reaching out to your local municipality to inquire about similar initiatives in your area. Bagged and bulk compost can be purchased throughout the Front Range, including at most garden and hardware stores.

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