Board of Public Health & Environment

The Board of Public Health & Environment consists of nine members, who serve without pay, appointed by the mayor and confirmed by Denver City Council. The Board is the local board of health for Denver. Their primary functions include adopting rules and regulations, reviewing requests for variances from department laws and hearing appeals of decisions of the department manager, and otherwise assisting the department in developing policies. They have five-year, staggered, terms.

The board meets at 5:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month. 

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Board Members


Alisha Brown Commission Expires 12/31/2025
Catherine Cooney Commission Expires 12/31/2022
Genene Duran, Ph.D., MHA, 2021 Chair      Commission Expires 12/31/2022
Jim Garcia Commission Expires 12/31/2021
Jennifer Jaskolka  Commission Expires 12/31/2025
Chris J. Wiant, Ph.D. Commission Expires 12/31/2023

Notice of Public Hearing

None at this time.

Rules for Board Hearings

These rules and regulations are adopted and issued by the Manager of the Department of Public Health and Environment of the City and County of Denver in accordance with the authority contained in Article II of the Charter of the City and County of Denver and in the Revised Municipal Code of the City and County of Denver.

View the Rules Governing Hearings Before the Board(PDF, 713KB)

Published Rules and Regulations

Animal Protection Division

Community & Behavioral Health Division 

Environmental Quality Division

Public Health Investigations Division

General Public Comment For Items Not On The Agenda

What is the 30-minute general public comment session?
Upon convening the monthly meeting, the Board conducts a general public comment session during which persons may address the Board on any public health matter not on the agenda for that meeting. 

Speakers shall register on a first-come, first-served basis, and will be recognized to speak in the order of registration.

How long will I get to speak? 
Each speaker gets a maximum of 3 minutes to speak on any topic of their choice. The Chair presiding over the public comment session gavels the speaker when the 3 minutes has expired. 

Where is the general public comment session?
The general public comment session takes place on Zoom.

How will Zoom work?
When you click on the above link, you will be asked to register with your name and email address. Once you enter the meeting you will be muted but can hear and see the meeting. When your name is called to speak, you will be promoted to speaker. The screen will flash as it changes your status. Please do not leave the meeting, you haven't been disconnected. Once your three minutes is over, you will be switched back to an attendee and will again be muted. 

How do I sign up to speak at the general public comment session?

Starting one week before every meeting, sign up using the form below; sign-up closes at 4:30 p.m. the day of the general public comment session.

What information will I be asked to provide in order to sign up to speak?
First name, last name, mailing address, email address, phone number, whether ADA or language interpretation accommodations are needed, and speaker topic.

No yielding of time is permitted and NO sign-up by proxy; the person wishing to speak must be the one to sign up. Only one sign-up per person is permitted. Topics are required and must not pertain to an item on the agenda for that meeting.

Does BPHE provide ADA accommodations for their monthly meetings?

Yes, if you need a sign language interpreter or real-time captioning via CART Services, contact with at least a three (3) business day notice. For other public accommodation requests/concerns related to a disability, please contact If you sign up for public comment, please respond to the question regarding ADA accommodations so that we may provide any services needed. All ADA accommodations require at least a three business day notice.  

How is speaker order determined?
Speaker order is decided on a first-come, first-served basis (using the date/time the sign-up request is received) with preference given to those individuals who did not speak at the previous general public comment session. 

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Appealing An Administrative Citation

If you have received an Administrative Citation and wish to appeal, please follow the Board Rules and Regulations Governing Hearings.

For questions regarding an Administrative Citation issued by the Department of Public Health & Environment, or for information on how to file an appeal, please contact the Administrative Hearings Case Manager at:
Phone: 720-865-5366
Fax: 720-865-5530

 How to Appeal an Administrative Citation(PDF, 149KB)

Rules and Regulations Governing Administrative Citations(PDF, 604KB)