Denver Police Explorer Program

The Denver Police Department operates the largest law enforcement Explorer post in Colorado. The purpose of this program is to expose youth and young adults to a career in law enforcement and help them prepare for a future career in public safety. Our post offers outstanding training which we take very seriously. Every meeting includes training taught by Denver police officers and volunteers.

Our goal is not simply to expose our Explorers to what a career in law enforcement is like, but to take it one step further and help these young people who do decide to go into law enforcement to prepare for their future career. Many of the traits to be a police officer such as honor, integrity, discipline and service are also character traits that lead people to be great citizens and leaders, even if they choose not to join the law enforcement career. As such, many of our Explorers go on to be leaders in any field they choose to enter and are extremely successful.

Application Form(PDF, 401KB)

Who can join?

We accept youth and young adults who meet the following qualifications:

  • At least 15, but not more than 20 years of age
  • If active in a formal educational program—maintaining a GPA of 2.5 or better
  • No drug or alcohol use in the past year, with no use while in the program
  • Free of any criminal associations
  • Good criminal and behavioral record
  • Pass a background check
  • Free of repeat or significant charges related to traffic and or criminal violations
  • Pass an interview panel

We understand that everyone makes mistakes in life. A minor transgression in an applicant’s past will probably not cause them to fail the background investigation. Patterns of criminal behavior, poor behavior in general, dishonesty, or criminal associations will cause a rejection of the applicant. We will also reject applicants with serious criminal violations, recent or serious drug use, or those who associate with criminals.

As a Denver Police Explorer, you will participate in:

  • Recruit Academy - The Recruit Academy focuses on fundamental skills, knowledge and attitudes and is intended to lay the foundation for future training.
  • Graduate Training - The graduate training program focuses on specific tasks of a law enforcement officer with a heavy focus on hands-on and practical training.
  • Community Service Projects - As law enforcement is an industry that exists to serve the community, we are proudly involved in community service.
  • Ride-Alongs - On a ride along, the explorer works a shift with an on-duty patrol officer, responding to radio calls and making citizen contacts.
  • Conferences & Special Events - Conferences and competitions with other regional Explorers programs and specialized training as a member of the Law Enforcement Explorer Post Advisors Association of Colorado (L.E.E.P.A.A.C.).

For more information, contact:

Sergeant Raymond Sheridan, Explorer Program Coordinator
(720) 913-1167