Dungeons & Dragons Police Department

Dungeons & Dragons Police Department Logo Dungeons & Dragons Police Department is a community engagement program enacted by the Denver Police Department based on the classic Dungeons & DragonsTM tabletop role-playing game.

By using a specially-developed variant of the game, in which community-based youth play alongside police officers as City Guards, we use teamwork to solve law enforcement related challenges.

In addition to providing a fun, interactive environment, this program presents an excellent opportunity for the goals of both bridging the law enforcement / youth gap, and a method for encouraging our youth to spend time with friends in a safe, imaginative way.

Get the word out and join us.

Our games are organized in locations around the city of Denver, in four-hour blocks. We play in groups of six, comprised of two police officers and four youth. 

If you are interested in joining us for a gaming session, please follow the QR Code to fill out an interest form so that we can contact you in regard to where we are playing next.

Dungeons & Dragon Police Department QR Code