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How to Order Police Records

NOTE: Members of news/documentary media companies are encouraged to email records requests to the Denver Police Media Relations Section at DPDPIO@denvergov.org instead of using the online submission process below.

Step 1

Review the descriptions below to find the report(s) you need.

Step 2

Complete and download the order form that corresponds with the report you need (for MAIL orders), or click the ONLINE button (if available) to order and pay online with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover).

General Information

Release of police records and reports is governed by the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act, Colorado Revised Statute 24-72-301, et seq.  Some reports may not be releasable; others may have certain information redacted as required by law.  For requests from Civil Liability, a non-refundable, $15 research fee is required for all requests. The first 15 pages are included in the non-refundable search fee, with an additional $0.25 per page thereafter.

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CRS §24-72-305.5 
Access to records - denial by custodian - use of records to obtain information for solicitation.
(1)  Records of official actions and criminal justice records and the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information in such records shall not be used by any person for the purpose of soliciting business for pecuniary gain. The official custodian shall deny any person access to records of official actions and criminal justice records unless such person signs a statement which affirms that such records shall not be used for solicitation of business for pecuniary gain.


Once submitted, our team will respond within 5-10 business days.

Please note: The fees collected for the following reports is a search fee under Denver Revised Municipal Code 42-1. If a report or record does not exist or is not releasable, the funds collected will not be returned.

Record Type

Order Type

Arrest Record

A record of arrest with the Denver Police Department will include the name, date(s) of and charges, fingerprint class, booking number(s). The report includes all initial charges and does not include final disposition. To receive the disposition of the charge(s), a request to the appropriate court is needed. Request for Juvenile arrest records must be requested under the Civil Liability Section, by requesting a person hard copy report.

Order Arrest record Online

Order Arrest record by Mail(PDF, 198KB)

Arrest Photo
An individual’s recent arrest photo will be given.

Please note: If the arrest did not include being processed at the detention center, no photo is available.

Order Arrest Photo Online

Order Arrest Photo by Mail(PDF, 198KB)

Record Query-Letter of Police Clearance (Background Checks)
A Record Query-Letter of Police Clearance is similar to an Arrest Record (above). However, it also includes a check for active warrants. For an additional fee, a notarized copy is available.

Information furnished by the Denver Police Department for this purpose is limited to arrests occurring within the City and County of Denver (juvenile arrests and Denver Summons to Appear will not be included).  

To obtain arrest records for arrests which occurred outside of the City and County of Denver, please contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation at www.cbirecordscheck.com.

Download Request Form(PDF, 198KB)



Once submitted, our team will respond within 5-10 business days.

The fees collected for the following reports is a search fee under Denver Revised Municipal Code 42-1. If a report or record does not exist or is not releasable, the funds collected will not be returned.

Record Type

Order Type

Accident Report
The Records Unit provides the two-page accident report that is typically needed for insurance purposes.  Accident reports that were filed with the Denver Police Department can be provided in most cases, however, accidents that occurred in Denver but were only reported to Colorado State Patrol will not be available from DPD. Hit-and-run accidents, and accidents involving a fatality, must be requested from the Civil Liability Section by ordering an "Investigation Report."

Order Accident Report Online

Order Accident Report by Mail(PDF, 148KB)

Offense Report
These reports include most incidents which are reported to a DPD officer.  Report availability is dependent on the year the offense occurred and the type of offense involved.  Homicides, fatalities, sexual assaults, and cases involving juveniles need to be requested from the Civil Liability Section using the "Investigation Report" option. 

Order Offense Report Online

Order Offense Report by Mail(PDF, 148KB)

Civil Liability

Once we have received all information needed to process a request, Civil Liability can complete most orders in under 4 weeks; for hardship issues or other questions please EMAIL us at DPD-CLB@denvergov.org.

The fees listed below are determined as a result of weighing several factors, including our experience in handling past requests, advances in technology as they relate to records retention and production, and staffing costs for Civil Liability personnel. And although the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) does not apply directly to records produced by Civil Liability, for some requests we do follow the guidelines set forth in the City and County of Denver CORA Fee Policy.

Civil Liability has transitioned to an electronic (Online) only ordering system for better production and tracking. For questions, please contact Civil Liability at DPD-CLB@denvergov.org.

Request Police Records Online

Below are the types of records available, organized by the area responsible for fulfilling the request.  Some records are only available for order by mail and others are available via the online ordering system. Please see the record type below for fees and ordering information and contact the corresponding area of responsibility for help.

Record Type

Order Type

911 Recording ($30)

May not be releasable if associated with any open County or District court case. This is an audio recording of the call made to 911. The CAD report will be included. Permission must be obtained from the caller before a recording can be released. If an attorney is requesting this call in relation to a criminal or civil case, the Confidentiality Agreement must be included with the order. If required, Email confidentiality agreement to DPD-CLB@denvergov.org. PLEASE NOTE THE CORRESPONDING TRANSACTION NUMBER IN THE SUBJECT LINE.  

Order 911 Recording Online

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Report ($15)

May not be releasable if associated with any open County or District court case.

Typed synopsis of the 911 calls related to the incident. This is not verbatim or a transcription of the call.

Order CAD Report Online

Premise History ($15)

This report lists the Calls For Service (CFS) at a specific location in the City and County of Denver over a particular time period. Each premise history request may include up to a three year increment. Premise Histories are available for physical addresses only, but not for specific units within complexes. As with all other reports released under the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act, protected identifying information, as well as information for which release would not be in the public interest, will be redacted.


Order Premise History Online

Person Hardcopy ($15)

This report is a synopsis of the information contained in the department’s records management systems regarding contact with a particular person by Denver Police Department.  The report may include present and past addresses, report numbers where the person was listed as a victim, witness, or other involved party, and some limited identifying information.

 Order Person Hardcopy Online

Investigation Report ($15 + additional pages if applies)

The Investigation report expands on the basic Accident and Offense reports and often includes officer and witness statements, the detective's notes, and scanned images. Decisions regarding release of these reports will be made on a case-by-case basis. Possible restrictions include whether the investigation is ongoing, as well as whether they are part of an active criminal prosecution. Defendants seeking documents related to an ongoing criminal case should first request records through a Discovery Motion to the court. Protected identifying information will be redacted. Information contrary to the public interest will likewise not be released. The $15 charge includes research and the first 15 pages; additional pages are charged at $0.25 per page.

 Order Investigation Report Online

Audio/Video/Photo ($25 - $30 + hourly rate if applies)

This can include interviews, photos, and/or video from a closed investigation (depending on content), as well as body-worn camera footage.

 Order Audio/Video/Photo CD Online

HALO Video ($15 + hourly rate if applies)

The Denver Police Department monitors city streets in High Activity Location Observation (HALO) areas.  HALO video is available to request via the online system, subject to certain restrictions. Unless previously preserved, video images captured by HALO are overwritten after 30 days.

 Order HALO Video Online

DUI Room Video ($30 + hourly rate if applies)

This is footage of a person who has been arrested for DUI and held in the DUI designated holding cells at the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Facility. Please note: this footage is only available for a maximum of 27-days after it has been captured.

 Order DUI Room Video Online

Pay Additional Fees

Use this option to pay for additional fees only after being notified by Civil Liability (you will need the  Transaction ID from your original receipt). A COPY OF THE NEW RECEIPT MUST BE EMAILED TO DPD-CLB@denvergov.org FOR PROCESSING. 

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