Trails Overview

TRAIL ALERT | Weds. May 22: Cherry Creek Sediment Flush  
The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers will conduct their annual flush to clear sediment trapped in the reservoir behind the Cherry Creek Dam. High flows are likely to flood trails and stream crossings along Cherry Creek between the reservoir and downtown throughout the day. Travel time for water leaving the dam is about 6 hours to the Champa St. bridge, with the last release scheduled for mid-afternoon. Once water recedes, trails crews will remove any debris.  Please do not enter areas with high water. Use crosswalks and sidewalks at street-level instead. Trail users are encouraged to plan alternate routes. Learn more about this annual maintenance from the US Army Corps of Engineers.  

Denver offers more than 80 miles of off-street, multi-use trails within city limits. Most trails follow urban waterways, offering safe and scenic routes through various neighborhoods. These trails provide recreational opportunities and supplement Denver's on-street grid bicycle route system.

Trail Rules and Etiquette

For the safety and enjoyment of all users, please follow trail rules and etiquette:

  • Speed limit: 15 MPH (as conditions allow—slow down if necessary!)
  • Yield when entering the trail
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Do not stop in travel lanes
  • Stay to the right; announce to pass on the left
  • Turn lights on after sundown
  • Always wear a helmet!
  • Do not occupy more than half the width of the trail, either single-vehicle or side-by-side
  • Call 311 (720.913.1311) to report incidents, camps, crashes & concerns

trail etiquette and rules graphic to reflect text below


Trail Amenities Plan

Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) is developing a plan for amenities along our trails, such as benches, water fountains, trash cans and more. The plan will develop guidelines for how often and where these amenities should be located along the trail system in Denver and is intended to be an internal guiding document to support decision-making when funding for trail amenities becomes available. Providing your input now will help direct how trail amenities are implemented in the future.

Survey closed on June 15th: DPR launched an interactive map to gather input on what amenities people wanted across our trail system, which was open from April through June 15. For more information email

Urban Park Walk Details

Park Loops

Many of our parks have perimeter and lake loop trails to serve as a defined route within the park. Here is a list of some of those loops to help you start exploring our park system.

Park Location Trail Name & Map Length
Berkeley Lake Park Berkeley Lake Loop(PDF, 1MB)
1..0 mile
Cheesman Park Cheesman Park Inner Loop(PDF, 1MB)
1.1 mile
Cheesman Park
Cheesman Park Outer Loop(PDF, 1MB)
1.4 mile
City Park
Ferril Lake Loop(PDF, 1MB)
0.9 mile
City Park
Mile High Loop(PDF, 1MB)
3.1 mile
Garfield Lake Park
Garfield Lake Loop(PDF, 921KB)
0.6 mile
Harvey Park
Harvey Park Lake Loop(PDF, 907KB)
0.4 mile
Huston Lake Park
Huston Lake Loop(PDF, 892KB)
0.6 mile
Parkfield Lake Loop(PDF, 1MB)
1.1 mile
Rocky Mountain Lake Park
Rocky Mountain Lake Loop(PDF, 970KB)
1.0 mile
Sloan's Lake Park
Sloan's Lake Loop(PDF, 1019KB)
2.6 mile
Washington Park
Grassmere Lake Loop(PDF, 1MB)
0.8 mile
Washington Park Meadow Loop(PDF, 1MB) 0.9 mile
Washington Park Smith Lake Loop(PDF, 1MB) 0.6 mile
Washington Park Washington Park Outer Loop(PDF, 1MB) 2.5 mile
Washington Park
Washington Park Roadway Loop(PDF, 1MB)
2.2 mile 

Collector Trails

Trail Name Reach Length
Dry Gulch Trail Sheridan Blvd to Lakewood Gulch Trail 0.8 mile
First Creek Trail High Line Canal Trail to 53rd Ave 2.3 mile
Garland Greenbelt Trail Virginia Ave to Cherry Creek Trail 1.7 mile
Goldsmith Gulch Trail Eastman Ave to High Line Canal Trail (Bible Park) 0.7 mile
Hampden Heights Trail Quebec St to Cherry Creek Trail 2.2 mile
Lakewood Gulch Trail Wolff St to South Platte River Trail 2.0 mile
Sanderson Gulch Trail Wolff St to South Platte River Trail 3.4 mile
Greenway Trail Montview Blvd to Westerly Creek Trail 1.9 mile
Greenway Trail Quebec St to Greenway Park 1.9 mile
Weir Gulch Trail Sheridan Blvd to South Platte River Trail 3.7 mile
West Harvard Gulch Trail Federal Blvd to South Platte River Trail
1.2 mile
Westerly Creek Trail Montview Blvd to Sand Creek Trail 1.7 mile

Local Trails

Trail Name Reach Length
Dry Gulch Trail Sheridan Blvd to Lakewood Gulch Trail 0.8 mile
East Harvard Gulch Trail 56th Ave to Memphis St 1.0 mile
Wagon Creek Trail Tufts Ave to Field Way 1.0 mile