Recreation Centers

As announced by Mayor Johnston in April, normal operating hours at Denver recreation centers are being restored, along with programs back at full capacity. Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) is pleased to share that centers will resume normal schedules on the following dates: 

  • May 13: Neighborhood Centers
  • May 20: Local Centers
  • June 2: Regional Centers

View restored center hours.

Registration for summer activities is also open and hiring for numerous positions continues as DPR prepares for the busy summer season.


Recreation Center Tiers

Regional Centers

Regional centers are Denver's largest recreation centers. They are classified as regional by being open 7 days a week and by offering a large variety of amenities, fitness classes, and activities. All regional recreation centers have indoor pools that are open year-round. Visit a regional recreation center to see how we can meet your fitness and activities needs!

Athmar Recreation Center
2680 W Mexico Ave. | 720-865-2180 |

Carla Madison Recreation Center
2401 E. Colfax Ave. | 720-865-5580 |

Central Park Recreation Center
9651 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. | 720-865-0750 |

Montbello Recreation Center
15555 E 53rd Ave. | 720-865-0580 |

Montclair Recreation Center
729 Ulster Way | 720-865-0560 |

Rude Recreation Center
2855 W. Holden Place | 720-865-0570 |

Scheitler Recreation Center
5031 W 46th Ave | 720.865.0640 |

Washington Park Recreation Center
701 S Franklin St. | 720.865.3400 |

Local Centers

Local centers are somewhat smaller than regional centers and are open 5-6 days a week. Most centers have a variety of fitness classes and activities for drop in and pre-registered fitness. Some local centers have a year-round indoor pool and many others have outdoor pools that are operational during the summer season. Visit a local recreation center to see how we can meet your fitness and activities needs!

Ashland Recreation Center
2475 W Dunkeld Place | 720-865-0510 |

Cook Park Recreation Center
7100 Cherry Creek South Dr. | 720-865-0610 |

Eisenhower Recreation Center
4300 E Dartmouth Ave. | 720-865-0730 |

Glenarm Recreation Center
2800 Glenarm Place | 720-865-3380 |

Green Valley Ranch Recration Center
4890 Argonne Way | 720-865-4370 |

Harvard Gulch Recreation Center
550 E Iliff Ave. | 720-865-0905 |

Harvey Park Recreation Center
2120 S Tennyson Way | 720-865-0550 |

Hiawatha Davis Jr. Recreation Center
3334 Holly St | 720-865-0590 |

La Familia Recreation Center
65 S. Elati St  | 720-865-2170 |

Southwest Recreation Center
9200 W Saratoga Place | 720-865-0670 |

Twentieth Street Recreation Center
1011 20th St. | 720.865.0520 |

Neighborhood Centers

Neighborhood centers are open 5-6 days a week. There are a limited number of fitness classes available at each location. Some have an outdoor pool that is open during the summer season. Visit a Neighborhood recreation center to see how we can meet your fitness and activities needs!

5090 Broadway Recreation Center
5090 Broadway | 720-865-2150 |

Aztlan Recreation Center
4435 Navajo St | 720-865-4380 |

Barnum Recreation Center
360 Hooker St | 720-865-0350 |

College View Recreation Center
2525 S. Decatur St | 720-865-5650 |

Highland Recreation Center
2880 Osceloa St | 720-865-0600 |

Johnson Recreation Center
4809 Race St. | 720-865-5660 |

La Alma Recreation Center
1325 W 11th Ave | 720-865-2200 |

Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center
3880 Newport St | 720-865-0530 |

Platt Park Recreation Center
1500 S Grant St | 720-865-0630 |

St. Charles Recreation Center
3777 Lafayette St | 720-865-2190 |

Swansea Recreation Center
2650 E 49th Ave | 720-865-0540 |

Find a recreation center near you

Recreation center closure schedules the city's holiday closure schedule. Centers and pools can also close unexpectedly due to power outages or other unforeseen maintenance issues. Outdoor pools close during inclement weather when lightning is nearby or temperatures are forecasted to remain below 65 degrees. Unexpected closures typically last several hours or less and may not be posted online. To verify center schedules and hours of operation, please call the facility directly.