Sunken Gardens Park Master Plan

Sunken Gardens Park with cherry blossoms in bloom in the spring

Denver Parks and Recreation has launched a master planning process for Sunken Gardens Park.

The goal is to improve the park visitor experience by developing a long-term plan that respects the historical context, period features, and landscape character of the park, while accommodating changing use patterns and programming needs of the community.

Denver has experienced substantial, sustained growth in the last twenty years with 25,000 people now living in downtown Denver. Last year alone, 3,000 new residents moved downtown. The surrounding center city neighborhoods have seen a similar population boom, growing by 10.5% in 2019 to 88,670 residents. As density goes up, green space becomes increasingly important for social, environmental and human health. 

DPR is committed to a collaborative planning process with multiple opportunities for public engagement, including the formation of an Advisory Committee representing diverse community interests. Outreach efforts will also include, online engagement tools such as surveys, information blasts, stakeholder interviews, and virtual workshops and presentations. Until guidelines allow in-person contact and exposure all public input opportunities will be virtual.

The master planning process begins with an assessment of existing conditions of the park and the immediate neighborhood. Goals and planning objectives will be developed with community and Advisory Committee input. Alternatives will be developed for review and comment resulting in final recommendations for park improvements and programming. The planning process is anticipated to be 8 to 12 month duration to ensure maximum community involvement. 

Virtual Public Meeting
Watch the November 18, 2020 virtual public meeting 
View the virtual public meeting flyer (english and español)
View the presentation slides
View the Questions and Answers from the public meeting

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