Citywide Inclusive Play Strategy

Community guidance has identified a need to increase access to inclusive play opportunities throughout the Denver Parks & Recreation system for increased physical activity and access for all users. In response, Parks & Recreation is conducting a Citywide Inclusive Play Strategy to address the perception and function of play spaces and ensure play elements are well-integrated for all ages and user groups.

Goals of this Citywide Inclusive Play Strategy include the development of systematic and site recommendations for inclusive play equipment, play spaces, and their maintenance; training of staff and consultant teams for designing, constructing, and maintaining inclusive play infrastructure; and policy recommendations to increase access to inclusive playgrounds for all ages and user groups.   

Upcoming Surveys & Community Listening Sessions

  • Community Survey (December 2021)
  • Community Listening Session (January 2022, TBD)
  • Stakeholder Interviews (February 2022)
  • Community Survey #2 (March 2022)

Project Contact information:

Mallory Roybal
East District Parks Planner, Denver Parks & Recreation