Six Indoor Pools to Close During Summer Season Due to Staff Shortage

Published on May 24, 2022

Due to staffing challenges including a shortage of lifeguards, several indoor pools at Denver Recreation Centers will close for the summer beginning June 5 so that outdoor pool operations can be prioritized.

For several years, Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) has paid the full cost of certification or renewal for job applicants and will continue to aggressively recruit using numerous methods. To allow for two additional lifeguard certification courses to be held, the opening of the outdoor pool season will be pushed back to June 13, 2022. Interested applicants can attend a swimming pre-test on May 25, 26, 27 or June 16 at various locations. Details on how to enroll can be found at

The six indoor pools to temporarily close were selected based on a variety of factors including equity, usage, proximity to other pools, and scheduled closures:

  • Twentieth Street Recreation Center (customers can use regional centers)
    • Nearest DPR pools: Glenarm Recreation Center, Argo Park, Mestizo Curtis Park
  • Ashland Recreation Center (customers can use regional centers)
    • Nearest DPR pools: Rude Recreation Center, Aztlan Outdoor Pool, Berkeley Park
  • Central Park Recreation Center
    • Nearest DPR pools: Montbello, Martin Luther King Jr. and Hiawatha Davis Jr. Recreation Centers
  • Scheitler Recreation Center
    • Nearest DPR pools: Berkeley Park Outdoor Pool & Aztlan Recreation Center
  • Washington Park Recreation Center
    • Nearest DPR pools: Harvard Gulch, Harvey Park and Carla Madison Recreation Centers; Ruby Hill Park
  • Montclair Recreation Center (previously scheduled pool closure due to maintenance)
    • Nearest DPR pools: Cook Park Outdoor Pool, Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center

DPR’s 24 other pools will remain open with schedules subject to change based on the success of recruitment efforts. Many of the indoor pools that will stay open this summer are in traditionally under-resourced areas of the city. Find all pool schedules at

Denver is facing similar recruiting challenges that many municipalities and businesses in the metro area and across the country are. To help with summer operations, DPR is offering overtime pay to all on-call and non-exempt employees from across the department.