OSE Hosts Waste No More Permitted Events Focus Group

Published on August 03, 2023

Recycling_3 stream_1.jpeg
The Office of Special Events invites you to a virtual Waste No More Permitted Events Focus Group on August 9 at 8 a.m. The focus group will include event organizers, representatives from the Waste No More Task Force (WNM), and other City agencies.
Over the past five months, the Waste No More task force has drafted recommendations to present to City Council for implementation of this new ordinance.At this point in the process, the task force is requesting community input on the proposed recommendations. We hope you can attend, as your feedback is a crucial part of the process.
To better prepare for the focus group discussion, we've compiled WNM information to browse specific to permitted events. Please watch the most recent task force meeting discussion regarding permitted events implementation beginning at approximately 54:00. Look over PowerPoint slides and Meeting Summary, which can be found under the Meeting 5 Summary: Thursday July 13, 2023 section of the Waste No More website. We've also created an FAQ(PDF, 160KB) to review. 


  • Overview and origin of the ordinance
  • What the ordinance requires vs. what is does not require
  • What is a ‘Permitted Event’
  • Task Force: purpose, process, and guiding principals
  • Purpose of this meeting and expectations
  • Specific feedback needed
  • Recommendation considerations
  • Review of permitted event recommendations
  • Ordinance adjustments vs. supports
  • Discussion
  • Survey

As a reminder, the Waste No More ballot initiative passed in November 2022 with 70% of Denver voters in favor of adding the initiative to City ordinance (scroll to Sec. 48-138. – Special Event Requirements for Recyclables and Organic Material Collection for ballot language pertaining to events). The ordinance is currently in effect and requires three-stream waste collection for businesses and residents, including special events. As an event organizer, you have a stake in how the WNM ordinance is rolled out. We look forward to this very important conversation with you!

The focus group meeting will be recorded and posted on the OSE Education Programs and Resources page to watch at your convenience. If you are unable to attend, feel free to send questions or feedback through the OSE Contact Us page.