Salvaged Vehicle Titles

Apply For Salvage Title

There are several Colorado State laws governing the resuscitation of a totaled vehicle. Visit the State of Colorado website for more details. To transfer the title of a vehicle that once existed into a salvage title, download the Application for Salvage Title  form on the state's site and complete all required information indicating why the vehicle is no longer roadworthy.

Once the form is completed the state will issue a salvage title. Possessing this title allows you to sell the vehicle without making any repairs, but the new buyer will need to get a salvage title in his/her name.

Convert Salvage Title to Regular Title

  1. Fill out a Salvage Title Statement of Fact. This form requests declaration of the methods and parts used to transform the vehicle into a condition deemed acceptable to drive on Colorado roads.
  2. On the salvage title, sign off in the provided area attesting to the vehicle being roadworthy.
  3. As stated by Colorado law, the words "Rebuilt From Salvage" are required to be stamped onto the vehicle in letters 1/4 inch high or larger. On most motor vehicles, the proper spot is the post to which the driver's door fastens.
  4. Get a certified VIN inspection from a certified law enforcement officer (contact the local law enforcement agency to ensure that you may be serviced before you proceed to that office).
  5. Bring all of the forms, receipts for parts, and inspection approval to one of Denver's DMV branch offices to complete the application process.  A Certificate of Title will be issued with the phrase "Rebuilt from Salvage" labeled on it.

Please Note: When selling the vehicle you must fill out a Rebuilt from Salvage Disclosure form each time the vehicle transfers ownership, which the new buyer will bring to the county motor vehicle office when transferring the title.