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The Mayor’s Office of Social Equity and Innovation (OSEI) was established to develop and implement the policies, programs, regulations, and initiatives of the City and County of Denver related to race, social equity, and social justice.

We Lead With Equity

Denver believes that equity is when race and other social identities can no longer be used to predict life outcomes. Research tells us that when equity is the primary focus, with diversity and inclusion as supportive facets, all segments of communities are improved. This allows individuals who have often been institutionally marginalized and historically disadvantaged to be fully engaged and supported to achieve successful outcomes. Because of this, the OSEI emphasizes Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, EDI, as the order of our efforts, not DEI.

The Mayor’s Office of Social Equity and Innovation is at the dawn of our greatest days.  We are pleased to announce our 2022 OSEI Annual Report.  This comprehensive report will detail OSEI’s preceding year and give you a glimpse of the incredible year ahead.
Read Our 2022 Annual Report(PDF, 17MB)


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Goal 1: The OSEI will directly influence policies, budget, and programmatic decisions in order to lead city agencies in achieving measurable improvements in racial equity, social equity, and social justice in Denver.

Goal 2: The OSEI will train city staff in its Race and Social Justice (RSJ) Academy in order to establish understanding of the concepts and approaches that drive the city’s commitment to promote racial equity, social equity, and social justice across the city.

Goal 3: The OSEI will lead and guide concrete methodologies for collecting and analyzing equity data with agencies across the city to create more equitable outcomes for city programming.

Goal 4: The OSEI will create a direct link with the community, and internal & external stakeholders in order to guide, shape, and inform perspectives of our work.

About OSEI


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We utilize best and innovative practices to lead Denver in transformative change with a commitment to equitable outcomes.


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Equity is embedded in all facets of Denver’s operations.


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Given the structural and institutional inequities that impact the Denver community, our work centers those who have been negatively impacted by racial and social injustices.

How We Define Equity

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When race and other social identities can no longer be used to predict life outcomes

Equity Process

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Equity is achieved through the advancement of policies and practices that center those who are underrepresented and have been historically disadvantaged.

Equity in Denver Report

The Equity in Denver: How History Impacts Equity Today report is a comprehensive equity indicator report that provides insight into multiple areas such as financial stability, housing, education and public health.  Indicators are simply data points that measure the disparities faced by historically marginalized groups.

Like other cities, Denver faces the challenges of historical inequities that have been institutionalized over the course of centuries.  

In 2019, Mayor Michael Hancock declared the intention to have equity embedded in all facets of the City and County of Denver and launched the Race and Social Justice Initiative. In 2020, Mayor Hancock created the Mayor’s Office of Social Equity and Innovation (OSEI). With the creation of this agency, our city is institutionalizing a place in local government where expertise, analysis, data and evaluation and innovation are part of what we do everyday to address these persistent inequities.

Turning the curve on inequities begins by taking stock and evaluating the historical context that set-in motion the disparities we see today. The Equity in Denver report provides elected officials, city staff, community members, and equity advocates a common understanding of how we will take action in Denver to turn this centuries old curve.

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