Denver Mayor Mike Johnston Vetoes Council Ordinance 23-1960

Published on February 02, 2024

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston today vetoed City Council Ordinance 23-1960, citing provisions that would make it more difficult for the city to help people experiencing homelessness get inside during cold, unsafe conditions. Though well-intentioned, this legislation would restrict the city’s ability to do this life-saving work for approximately four months of the year.

Throughout Mayor Johnston’s administration, helping Denverites experiencing homelessness get access to safe, stable, and supportive housing has been a top priority. Through the city’s historic House1000 effort, more than 1,200 Denverites have moved indoors from the streets.

This ordinance would hinder the city’s ability to continue this work by preventing the city from closing encampments and moving people indoors, overturning the voter-approved camping ban for one third of the year, and significantly restricting our ability to close encampments that are in the public right of way or have significant public health and safety risks.

Read Mayor Johnston's letter to City Council about his decision to veto the ordinance.

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