Mayor Hancock Announces Committee for Independent Monitor Appointment

Published on March 04, 2021

Mayor Michael B. Hancock today announced the ordinance-prescribed screening committee to undertake the interview and evaluation process to select candidates to be Denver’s next Independent Monitor.

“This committee, made up of respected voices in this field, will bring a diverse perspective to finding the next Independent Monitor for our city who will build on the foundations that have made this office a national leader in this work,” Mayor Hancock said. “Finding a dynamic leader who will help to reinforce transparency, accountability and public confidence in our safety departments has never been more critical, but I have every confidence they will find that leader.”

“We have heard our Denver community and their strong desire to ensure we have diversity and representation, while re-framing public safety from an anti-racist lens. As we move forward, we must find an authentic leader who will hold our safety departments accountable and provide a voice for all of our communities,” said City council President Stacie Gilmore. “I am confident that the committee members will provide a list of qualified candidates that will ensure transparency and oversight of our safety agencies.”

The screening committee is as follows:

  1. Al Gardner, Chair, Citizen Oversight Board (appointed pursuant to ordinance)
  2. Karen Niparko, Executive Director, Office of Human Resources (appointed pursuant to ordinance)
  3. Jamie Torres, City Council, District 3 (selected by City Council president)
  4. Claudia Jordan, Denver County Court Judge, retired an member of the selection committee in 2012 (selected by the Mayor)
  5. Brian Corr, Executive Secretary, Police Review & Advisory Board for the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts and immediate Past President of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (selected by the Mayor)

The Mayor is responsible for appointing two members to the committee, including a current or retired judge and someone with “extensive knowledge of internal police investigations or the monitoring of internal police investigations.”

Steps moving forward:

  • The committee will review and approve the position announcement to solicit candidates for the position.
  •  The Office of Human Resources (OHR) will assist in the search, as is common practice, which will be conducted nationally.
  •  OHR will provide a list of applicants to the committee who will conduct its interview and evaluation process.
  •  The committee will coordinate a public input process and provide the Mayor up to three final candidates.
  •  The Mayor will appoint the Independent Monitor from a list of three recommended candidates provided by the selection committee.
  •  The appointment of the Independent Monitor shall not be effective until confirmed by City Council.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Office of Independent Monitor.



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