Wildfire Risk, Preparedness and Mitigation

Wildfire with Firefighters facing the fire

City of Denver Wildfire Ready

The Denver Fire Department knows that wildfire is an ongoing threat in our community. The Denver Fire Department Wildfire Ready website aims to help inform the citizens of Denver to prevent, prepare, plan, and know what to do in a wildfire event. If you need information not related to wildfire from Denver Fire Department, please visit our main website at: www.denvergov.org/dfd

Community and Neighborhood Preparedness

Steps to Follow:

• Follow evacuation instructions from your local emergency officials.
• Hold community meetings and coordinate with neighbors and adjoining communities to prepare the neighborhood for wildfires.
• Practice two ways out of your neighborhood; you will be more prepared if roads are blocked.
• Make sure addresses are clearly displayed on homes and driveways with clearly marked reflective numbers that can be seen from the road.

Home and Personal Preparedness

Steps to protect your family in case of a wildfire:

• Create and frequently practice your family communications plan which should include meeting locations, current phone numbers, and even pet accommodations.
• Consider using fire resistant building materials and landscaping vegetation that is fire resistant as well.
• Maintain the landscape surrounding your home at 100 ft. lean, clean and green, paying special attention to the first 5 ft.
• Clean your roof, gutters and decks of dead leaves and pine needles often.
• These steps help reduce burn fuel.
• Our law enforcement partners would issue, coordinate and enforce mandatory evacuations of an area but cooperation in an emergency from the public is extremely important.
• As first responders, our mission is to do our best to save lives and the public can assist us with that by leaving your home when asked to do so by the authorities.
• Providing your dental records is a very difficult conversation and every loss of life weighs heavily on us.
• Put together a 72-hour kit, or “Go Bag" for each member of your family, with essentials you will need to be away from home for at least three days.
• List of items can be found at the: American Red Cross Survival Kit Supplies

Business and Commercial Preparedness

• Similar to home preparation–
     - Communication plan with employees
     - Evacuation plan with employees and practice it, you never know where you’ll be when an emergency occurs
• Seal windows and doors to prevent embers from entering.
• Plant vegetation with high moisture content around buildings.
• Remove high fuel debris, dead leaves, and pine needles.

DenverREADY approach allows residents, neighborhoods, local officials, businesses, non-profits, faith-based organizations, and emergency management officials to collectively understand and assess the needs of their respective communities, determine the best ways to organize their resources, and prepare for emergency events.   Denver has embraced the “Whole Community Preparedness Programs” concept and invites our community partners to help build a stronger, more resilient community.