Temporary Patio Expansion Permit

Apply Online

Recent changes have been made to the upcoming patio expansion program. ALL permit applicants are now directed to submit their application through the ACA portal under “Flammable Operational Permits”.  Any applications submitted through “Special Events” will not be processed and will be Withdrawn.

Applications must include site map identifying the specifics below:

Step 1.Provide site plan and details.

  • Description of Work: Clearly identify as Patio Expansion/Temp Heating/Tent/LPG.
  • Site plan/layout showing location of tent, heaters, LPG.
  • Exact number and size of tents/canopy with documented total square feet.
  • The number of temporary heaters to be used along with the MAKE and MODEL of heaters.
  • Fuel source (i.e.: LPG, natural gas). For propane, a MAX of one (1) 420 lb. cylinder or four (4) 100 lb. cylinders will be permitted.
  • Mushroom heaters are prohibited for use under any tent. Minimum 5 ft. rule applied for canopies.

E-Permits - Accela Citizen Access

Step 2.Obtain site plan inspection.

Inspector will contact business for site plan inspection.
Final approval will be verified through site inspection.

Step 3.Receive final approval and permit. 

All patio expansion permits will expire 05/31/2022.