Tax Credits

There a variety of programs that encourage and reward your business growth, and we are here to walk you through them and help you identify the best fit for your enterprise. 

Business Investment Program

Denver's business owners can apply for a business personal property tax credit offered through the Business Investment Program, designed to encourage start-ups and to reward existing businesses of all sizes that expand their operations in our city.

This program incentivizes qualified businesses to expand their facilities, add new employees, and buy new equipment.

Existing businesses, before you start an application remember that you must meet at least one of the following expansion requirements in 2023 to qualify:

  • Your increased investment was at least $1 million in business expansion;
  • Your increased investment was at least 100% of your prior business capital level;
  • You increased by at least 10 employees over your preceding 12‐month average; or
  • You increased by at least 10 percent in employment over your preceding 12‐month average

Applications are open and we invite you to apply. The deadline to apply is Monday, July 1, 2024.

Apply Today! 

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Business Incentive Fund

The Business Incentive Fund (BIF) is a significant and unique tool for the City and County of Denver to support a competitive relocation to or expansion within Denver. Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO) is able to support only a handful of projects every year through the BIF program.

Projects under consideration are evaluated on a number of factors, including the direct fiscal benefit of the project to the city, creation/retention of quality jobs across industries, and demonstrated alignment with the City’s economic development goals and its values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Funds are dispersed only on performance. Every negotiated incentive offer is unique and each has a defined criteria and payout terms, which link directly both to the business decisions and the direct fiscal benefit to the city. While job creation is a primary goal of such incentives, the nature of the business may dictate a different measurable factor upon which incentive funds are dispersed. 

Denver Enterprise Zone

The Denver Enterprise Zone Program is a State of Colorado tax credit program that allows businesses located within a specific geographic area to receive tax credits against their state income tax liability for qualifying activities, such as job creation, employee training and investment in business personal property. Denver's designated Enterprise Zone (EZ) includes over 30 square miles of commercially zoned real estate.

There are ten different state tax credits available to businesses within the Zone. If your business will perform an activity that will earn an EZ tax credit, the State requires that you pre-certify annually prior to beginning the activity that will earn the credit. Pre-certification can be requested year-round and must be approved prior to the commencement of the activity.