Weir Gulch Channel Improvements and Decatur St Bridge

Project Overview

The Weir Gulch project is a key project in a high priority basin to reduce flood risk to the Sun Valley neighborhood, as well as a high need to increase ped/bike mobility, restore natural habitat, and increase recreation along Weir Gulch. This project is a partnership between Parks and Recreation, the MHFD, and DOTI Infrastructure.

The scope includes replacement of the existing culvert at Decatur with a bridge, and channel modifications along Weir Gulch from the South Platte River to Decatur Ave. The channel modifications will incorporate a multi-stage, stream channel and floodplain to appropriately convey the base-flow, bankfull flow, and overbank flows, and promote a vibrant and sustainable riparian and wetland community that will be an aesthetic benefit to the surrounding neighborhood. The design will also incorporate redesign of the adjacent trail to increase mobility along the corridor.

Project Location

Weir Gulch near W 9th Ave & Decatur